Rambling thoughts about weight loss


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Post Rambling thoughts about weight loss

Hi there, my name is Kelly and I am a 53 year old male looking to lose weight. Not just some weight but a lot of weight. I am currently at 258. Not bad if I was 6'5" but at 5'6" it is an issue. I have been over weight most of my life and have battled weight issues the whole time. Like most I lose and gain, gain and lose. Sounds like the stock market! My weight has not ever kept me from things like camping, hiking, sports, I was active. However of recent times about all I want to do is surf, channel surf that is. I walk at work and that is about the only exercise I get. Wanna know something, I am damn tired of that life and now not only do I want to change my weight I have to as it is affecting my health. So there is a brief history of me.

My thoughts about weight loss are as follows:
Weight loss might be about pounds but under that it is a mental game.
Denying yourself guilty pleasures only creates un-necessary cravings.
Exercise is vital.
Accepting who is responsible for my weight issues is key.
Honesty during the weight loss process is very important.
Now with that out in the open, I would like to know what others think. I welcome all replies and critiques that people might have.
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Default well .. some rambling thoughts in return

I'm 54 now .. I had the same type issues .. I had 30 years experience in competitive sports and training.. was a bodybuilder in competition after football in college for 10 years ,, and won trophies..... I let work and family use all my time .. and forgot what it was to feel well and in shape in about 3 years .. gained weight ... and wound up medicated for depression...

made me mad .. and started exercising .. very slowly .. in fits and starts .. could keep the pace going .. some weeks I could not get off the couch.. AT ALL.. for ANYTHING... went to the doc and did lots of blood work .. they prescribed a testosterone supplement .. it helped alot!... back in exercise and I was missing accountability .. the expectation of reporting results to someone I respected.. and that has made ALL the difference .. I will something after a 24 our day rather than report I didn't. I reported by way of a diet log.. if it goes in my mouth I log it... export the results to the nutritionist.. every two weeks..

as I said .. wandering

down 30 pounds and no depression meds .. down 3 clothes sizes..
excited about working it further not dreading it .. have energy to spare and outdoing most of the 30 somethings I know .. it takes longer to heal so we guard from injury very carefully .. not soreness .. injury

hope it helps
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As long as we are talking attitude, another way to reset your thinking is do not refer to your eating as a diet. Call it a nutrition plan. Rethinking the words will help reset the attitude.
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I know where you are coming from I'm 43 (6'1" tall) and had been struggling with weight loss\gain all my life. Over the course of that journey I was successful in losing substantial amounts of weight (as much as 60-70 lb.) at a time, but sure enough my lifestyle would eventually push me back to near 300 ib. Currently, I'm on a weight loss spree again, but decided to approach it creatively this time around. A few years back I joined Weightwatchers and was able to lose 30 lb. in four months. This time I decided to modify that model and made a bet with a close friend of mine to enter into a two-man competition. We weighted ourselves a week ago and agreed to compare our weights weekly. Every week the “winner” (by weight lost in percent’s) receives $100 from the “looser”. Our first week results were astonishing – each of us lost around 15 lb. What really helped is constantly “pinching” each other with some light good hearted humor. We also supported each other’s efforts by encouraging and complementing on our progress. We are into the second week now and hopefully will meet our personal weight goals soon. If you have a friend who is also overweight, you could try similar approach. It works for us and it can work for you! Good luck!
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started at 240 lbs at 40yo...now I am 43, but 80 lbs lighter. I started with weight watchers, then evolved to calorie counting, now I calorie count/walk/weight lift/calisthenics...just find what you can stick to and that works. don't rush, 1-2 pounds off a week does the job! it took years to put it on, it will take time to get rid of it
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Default My input

I hope you are still working on it. If you faulter, don't give up. I have been a member at fitday for probably close to a decade. I am 6'1" and 222lbs. I know that a lot of people would probably be happy with that, but I am not. The biggest reason is because I have a lot of back pain an knee pain. I should weigh at least 20lbs less. 10 years ago I had surgery on both of my knees. The doctor told me then if I didn't lose 30 lbs, I would have to have knee replacements within 10 years. Well, guess what? Now, I'm tired of taking pain pills that don't work anyway. I won't buy any clothes unless Iabsolutelly have to. Etc...
Anyway, I thought your short synopsis on accountability was inspired, as well as some of the replies. Basically, we are on the same treck. I want my life back. We can be accountable to each other. I will let you know how diet and exercise work at dealing with pain.
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Talking weight fight

I Understand your battle as I have struggled most of my adult life until recently. Yes you should give in to your cravings it keeps you motivated. Yes exercise is key. Basic principles of weight loss you have to move more and eat less.(Not always easy). I had lots of back problems and eventually my dr. called me out on my weight and told me Im not helping myself by gaining weight. It was a wake up call I thought my life was over I had an MRI and I have an L5 disc issue that caused all the problems. I basically gave up and decided I was going to live the rest of my life in pain until my dr. called me out on my weight. At that point I decided that like you I was sick of the life I was living and needed to make a change. I took me 2 years but I lost over 65lbs Im healthier happier and yes my back still bothers me from time to time but with my dr.'s support and some medicine I work through it rather than sitting on my ass doing nothing and complaining. And those days of daily pain and suffering are long behind me and I will never go back to that person I was before. You can be successful you just have to be patient there will be ups and downs but if you don't give up you will perservere.
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kelly, you sound serious so take a next step to buy the book Primal Blueprint- and read it.
Give yourself a year to get off the weight! inch by inch it is a cinch!

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