6 pack abs

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Default 6 packs aren't made in the gym...

They're made in the kitchen.

Take a look at the Abercrombie and Fich model guys - they all have six packs, but muscle-wise, they don't look like they could pick up a wet towel without grunting. So they're obviously not going to the gym. They're getting it by starving themselves.

If you are seeing a blurry four pack, then you are on the right track. You just need to tighten up your diet a bit more - get 500 cals below maintenance and stay there every day for a few weeks. Don't make the classic mistake of binging one day a week and ruining your progress.

Also, if you drink, cut out alcohol - this will bloat you and make abs less visible.

Check out your sodium levels too - high levels of sodium will make you retain more water and blur those lines up.

My final tip should go without saying, but some people may not have heard it before. If you don't drink enough water, then your body will try to store as much water as it can - usually in or around adipose tissue.

So if you're not drinking about a gallon a day, then your body is storing a lot of water weight. Crank up the amount of water you drink, and over a week or two, your body will relax its deathgrip on water resources. It will start using more as well - you may notice yourself sweating more, and you will definitely be going to the bathroom more.
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Adding proteins to your diet is effective when you help your body with some workout routines that enhance abdominal muscle. Swimming is a total body exerice. When partnered with specific workout program to target your abdominals, it becomes more effective. Check some workout routines at or you can search the web for more workout routines that can help you.

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Sorry to crash the guys locker room

I frequent low carb dieting tips because cutting carbs cuts ab fat to show muscle...

Try this article....
Bodybuilding.com - Cutting Down & Leaning Up!

I have also seen videos on you tube for "cutting" diets that are pretty good.

Good luck!
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You can keep doing crunches until you are blue in the face, but if you are not lean enough to show them you are never going to have the six-pack that you are after. My personal suggestion? Go back and measure your bodyfat percentage. Can you see the outline of your abs? What about your other muscles? If not, you need to reevaluate your diet and see where changes are necessary. The one way to lean up and lose fat is to be at a caloric deficit.
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Default Dont worry be HAPPY

If you worries are over a 4 pack then smile cause those if us who are challenged with a ONE pack you are way ahead. Unless your a model and being photographed some of them are airbrushed photo shopped. It is unhealthy to dehydrate, but that is one way you can get to see that last 2 pack you desire. just be happy with yourself now and be glad your not like me and a Santa stand in.
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Do some more core work, sit ups etc, takes time but you'll get there
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Abs like in movies are not possible to sustain. They have those kind of ABs because they loose phenomenal amount of body weight by a process called "cutting". They do it one week before photo shoot and then go back to normal weight. Either that have body fat percentage below 10%.
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I hope you managed to get an 8-pack by now!! Any tips how did you get to even the four pack?
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What do you mean by "quite a while"? It is also important to really be tracking your calories--not just a general idea of how much you're eating.
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