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Default Dieting partner

I am a 24 year old 6'3, 433lb male.

I need to lose ALOT of weight I got married about 2 years ago I was 6'3 280 lbs, I ran two miles 3 times a week and weight trained 4 days a week. I got married and now weigh 433pounds.

I would really like to get back into working out again and eating healthier, as of the last 5 days I have consumed an average of 1,800 calories a day, according to Though I have not yet begun to work out as I am fighting with myself to get a gym membership. It can be hard to get the courage up to work out at a gym when you are 400lbs and most of the other people there appear to be fairly fit. (I am pretty much done after walking 1 mile)

I would like a partner who also has quite a bit of weight to lose so we can keep each other motivated share information about our meal plans, calorie intake, exercise and so on.
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Hey there - -I'm in a similar situation, I'm 6'5, and about 320 -- looking to lose about 100 lbs. What I've realized with getting a gym membership, is no one really cares about who else is in there, so just show up and do your thing... people respect hard work!

I took it a step further, and recently got a personal trainer -- was a big hurdle for me, but its good to get your ass kicked once a week, and have that level of accountability.

Once you get past the fear of going to the gym and working out, its no big deal!
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Wishing both the above posters success. I agree with thinkdavis that you shouldn't be intimidated by what others at the gym think. I am not the fitest guy at the gym but I have respect for those members who, like you and I are, willing to work on it. At least they are trying instead of making excuses and sitting at home on the couch.

When I joined the gym back in January I could barely do 5 minutes on the elliptical. Now I am doing 40 minutes and working on increasing the resistance/speed instead of the time. In my opinion any exercise is better than no exercise, so if you don't join the gym find some other ways to workout.
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Therinn, last summer I joined a gym. No big deal in that but there was a "big guy" there. I am not great at guessing weight but this guy is probably about 6' and around 430 - 450 pounds. He wore black socks and dress shoes with weird looking shorts and t-shirts with swearing on them! But here's the thing: he has one leg. The first day I saw him, I thought "good luck, buddy. Stick to it!" I never thought ill of him. Throughout the fall and winter, he was there almost every day I was. He hired a personal trainer who kicked butt but I could tell they really respected each other. I wish I worked as hard as him and had as much discipline. In about 4 months, he lost over 50 pounds and had to get a new, fake leg because the other one kept falling off due to his weight loss. Everyone respects him a lot. His trainer told me that he can finally play with his kids again, drive his car and go shopping. In a gym, everyone gets to know everyone a little bit - as much as you let yourself be known. But what I find is that everyone wants everyone else to succeed and even the ones I think are 'roid monkeys will take time to answer questions about how to do better weights or cardio or whatever you need. It can actually be a pretty caring community so don't be afraid to start. Introduce yourself around and ask questions. You'll be surprised at how many people will want to help you if you're teachable. I was totally intimidated when I first went so I hired a trainer to teach me what NOT to do in the gym as well as what TO do. Once I learned enough to know I wasn't going to hurt myself, I have been on my own and met some really nice people. I also like that it gives me "alone time" to just sweat and listen to my Ipod.
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I'm 38, 6' 3" and today I weigh in at 412 pounds. I hit the gym in November of last year so I understand your concern. At the time, I weighed 465 pounds, the most I've ever been in my entire life. I would say, "don't worry about it". Honestly, the only time I've ever gotten any unusual looks is when I'm doing leg press at 1000#!!! Even if I (you) get an odd look or two, just remember that you're there for the same reason as everyone else... to get into better shape!!! I'd say, GO FOR IT!!! Today is the only day we have. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't promised.
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