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I'm 25, 5ft 11 from England and I've never been 'slim'. I've always wanted and tried to lose weight and can remember doing this from about 12/13 years of age. When I work hard at it for a week or so and eat well the weight falls off me a few pounds at a time and my body fat % reduces too. This week has been no diet at all but a few days running. If anything I've eaten worse this week than normal. Also my first week last week I had so many bad days but still managed to lose a couple of pounds.

The reason for me writing this post is that yesterday during an FA Cup Football Match between Tottenham and Bolton, Fabrice Muamba a 23 Year Old professional footballer from North London (although born in Democratic Republic of Congo) collapsed on the pitch and is now fighting for his life in intensive care. The medical teams from both sides spent 10 minutes on the pitch with him trying to resuscitate him and he was then rushed to hospital, reportidly still being resuscitated. I like many feared the worst but I seriously didn't expect to hear he was still fighting for his life. I'm not religious but I still pray for him and hope he pulls through. From the information we have so far it will be nothing short of a miricle if he does survive but we will no doubt hear the full story in the coming weeks.

So please, even if you're not a football fan or a religious person, please pray for Fabrice.

It puts into perspective the important things in life. As passionate as we all are about football in this country both sets of fans and the people we were watching the football with all were stunned in silence and I felt so sick with the whole thing. Then spare a thought for Fabrice and his family and my nauscia is immaterial. He is a proffesional sportsman aged 23 and you couldn't expect him to have a heart attack on the field of play. It makes you realise that family are so important and how precious life is. My mum, myself and now my sister have all suffered with depression over the years and although for me to be 'back to normal' it will take more than losing weight, it's a massive step to where I want to be.

This situation with Fabrice has brought back memories of when I saw a dead body on an island in Thailand. He was on a day trip like all of us but was on his on when he apparently hit his head on a rock in the sea. By the time someone had noticed he was already gone. I was just walking round the island when I saw about 2/3 people around the boy, I was about a foot away when I saw his blue body. The most distressing thing for me what when people where shouting out asking where his friends or family where which is when it became apparent he was all alone. It's horrific passing away in any circumstance but to be all alone with no loved ones around is so sad.

It frustrates me that it takes something as shocking as these events to make me appreciate what I already have, and it also frustrates me that I can't stay motivated to lose weight. I'm hoping that if I keep referring to this post I will be reminded of why I'm doing all of this. Firstly for myself, to find a beautiful wife, live a life full of confidence and spread the happiness with my family.

Nothing in this world worth having comes easy but I'm grateful I'm in a position to be able to do something about it.

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hey, i remember watching this game, and the entire bar went completely numb when he collapsed on the field. it's great that he recovered and seems to be doing fine.
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