hit the wall at 230 only 2 weeks in :(

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Carbs aren't bad in moderation, however it's probably good to not eat a potato every night lol.

I would still wait for someone to weigh in on the whey (haha).
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Default Food for thought ...

Did you open your account to public viewing? That may be why my own settings came up. There are a bunch of different settings to allow viewing different aspects of your entries in the public journal area I beleieve.

Also, note how you talked about "hitting the wall". In a marathon of 26 miles this term is used around the 20th mile You have been dieting this a week.
That is just frustration, not hitting the wall. You got a long way baby before you hit the wall.

For example, I was originally going to do an 8 week plan. But still, my eating habits are very ingrained. Changing them hurt A LOT. But, had to be done. Week 1/2 were pretty easy. Weeks 3-4. Around weeks 5-6 I started counting the days. It was really getting on my nerves. And I was doing a pretty easy diet in terms of deficits and cheat days. Not a lot of exercise either, some light cardio and weights, because heavy exercise tends to make me hungrier.
However, I did stupidly injure myself working aroudn the house on week 7 and ended the diet for recuparation.

If you are going to have to diet for 3 months or more to get to your desired weight, you need to have a long term view. It's good to schedule in cheat (free eating days) when you eat at maintenance - even if it cuts down your weekly deficit. This controlled cheating avoids massive blowups where you scarf down everything in sight. You will feel it later on - if it is a very long diet, taking a short break of a week or two and eating normally may help in the long run.

Regarding whey, it's good protein - some shakes are for bulking and have a lot of carbs - you should use one that is mostly protein and just add fruit for flavour. I do find that around 30% protein overall helps with compliance mostly. It makes for hearty, satisfying meals, ergo if you can chew your protein it is better than drinking it. Chewing a lot helps. I find the box eggs great in that you create a huge omlett, add in some chopped veggies and low-fat meat, lay on a couple of no-fat cheese slices that melt over it, some hot sauce if you like and it's totally satisfying and filling, for around 150 cals and 20g protein.

I also ate some bread, pasta, rice and potatos. Not a lot but some. It's just not possible to eat a ton of those and keep overall protein close to 30%. I found out that they weren't as neccessary as I thought them to be. Now I've cut back even when not dieting. I did use 5 grams of glucomonnan fibre, similar to psylium, a day to help keep things moving as there was less fibre from other sources. In retrospect, I would have eaten more fiberous veggies as well, even if frozen and heated in the micro.

Keep in mind when calculating the energy burn, if your BMR is 1800 and say you exercise 350 cals in an hour, the hour of BMR comes off, so it is not exactly 350 but closer to 275. Fitday does this so you don't have to on its reports.

In short, think yearly but act daily. It will add up

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Originally Posted by FutureizNow
In short, think yearly but act daily. It will add up
Very well said, and so true!
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