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Since I've started down the healthy path, quite without intending to I've cut my caffeine intake down to almost nothing. I like a cup of coffee in the morn, well 2 cups actually, but the rest of the day I'm caffeine free. And since I start my day with a 60 minute workout, I sleep like a fallen log. The only time I have trouble sleeping anymore is when I accidentally get into something with caffeine in it late in the day, like a new box of herbal tea that I didn't realize was regular not decaff. So I would recommend that you cut back on the caffeine some, it actually causes water retention which will give you more pain, the less pain you are in the more you can do at the gym and the easier it is to get out of bed.

As for motivation, this is what works for me (although I'm actually a mom):
I don't want to be the dad that sits on the bench at the park, I want to be the dad out there having a great time with my kids.
I don't want to be the dad who, through example teaches his children to be obese.
I don't want to be the father of children that are miserable because they are obese.
I want to meet my grandchildren and great grandchildren.
I want to be physically strong enough to tackle each day like a linebacker and fast enough to keep the kids chasing me (instead of the other way round).
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The day before Easter, I took my kids to an Easter egg hunt that involved a helicopter dropping two loads of eggs in a field. Instructions were given at least ten times to wait until the helicopter dropped its second load. Over and over the organizers explained this. You can probably guess what happened.

As for intake was zero before taking supplements...and for men especially, lifting heavy weights, energy and energy boosts have always been important...just as creatine tends to be used differently by men than by woman. Water weight does not concern me here...although I avoid heavy sodium intake anyhow.

Day 6 was awesome for me. I moved up 10 lbs. on my incline dumbell presses and the skull-crushers I did will have my tris screaming for a month. I'm going to up the Tribulus again and hopefully I will have something useful for those of you reading this. The NOXPLODE made me tingly today...especially in the forearms and hands. Not sure if this will continue...but I'll keep you posted.

I started using the steam room and sauna after my workouts and notice a significant difference in muscle relaxation. Felt like I was detoxing...and the hydrating I did afterwards was crazy fullfilling.
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Give yourself a challenge. Write down everything you eat - measured first, in a measuring cup or using a kitchen scale - for 3 days. At the end of that time, you should be able to average those daily calories and see how much you are eating.

Just measuring and counting food you put in your mouth - and logging it in (fitday!) will tell you why you are not losing weight at the rate you like. If beer is 500 calories, total (all counts should be online somewhere if you google them for specific beers) and that fits in your calorie limit, then you can manage beer. If that's pushing your calorie count up and replacing energy that your muscles need from protein, for example, then either cut way down or drop the beer.

Fitday gives you all the tools you need to see what's going on with your diet. Once using those tools becomes a habit, the process of dieting is much, much clearer.
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that seems like a lot of supplements... call me crazy but I like to eat my calories. Why have a protein shake when you could have a chicken breast?

That's about it for constructive critiscm that I have... being a big guy as well at about the same size as you we both know you got there by eating and drinking to much beer. The key right now for you and for myself is to cut the weight. Your 90lbs overweight, I am 80 at this point and I wont even consider going crazy on the weights like you seem to be until I hit about 20lbs left to lose. Sure gaining muscle increases your metabolism but 90lbs of fat will kill you. Ditch the supplements and make the treadmill your bitch Good luck with your journey!
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Great advice Optiquest! I do know how we got here...and you are right. As far as supplements go...I cannot express to everyone how well NOXPLODE is working for me. I used to take Creatine Ethyl Esther when I was in the military and it worked pretty well. Now the NOXPLODE works to heal my soreness before the next day is over. I'm not sure how my muscles are holding so much of the creatine...but the results blow my mind. I was a little worried at first...the vasodilation of my blood vessels was creating a tingling in my forearms, shins and sometimes hands. Not a bad thing...just different. I spoke with a professional trainer...and he laughed. He said it's quite common.

Anyhow...I quit taking the Tribulus and Green Tea Extract. The Tribulus wasn't doing anything for me after nearly 1900 milligrams, and I just sluffed off on the GTE. I'll start again has very little caffeine.

As for needing to make the treadmill my bored me to death. I started going to another gym and play basketball for about an hour and a half 4 days a week.

To the ladies that have posted advice. I mean this in a kind way...and don't know how to say this nicely...but, this is a forum for men. My Easter analogy was being way too I'll just quote the line under the forum name.

"This is a place where men can get together and talk about issues they donít feel comfortable to talk about around women."
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I hear ya about the treadmill. What I do is try and make a contest of it, i'm a very competitive guy. I will get on it with a goal of burning 1000 calories, and in my head I break it down as I go, so every 10 minues i'm aiming for 175 calories or so, and I push myself every 10 minutes to hit that. I will also set it on showing calories burned, set it to a light jog and every 10 calories increase the speed until i've burned 50 calories, then every 10 calories decrease the speed, etc. Sounds dumb but it really helps to pass the time!

Basketball though sounds a lot better though

How has your progress been going? I'm down to 275 as of this morning. 3 weeks ago I was 291 so i'm happy with my results thus far. This time last year I was 310, and slowly dropped to 291 over the past 11 months before getting serious about this again.

I may have to try the NOXPLODE stuff, I am always sore from 6 days of cardio a week. In an odd way though I kind of like the soreness its a reminder of what i'm trying to do.
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