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Default Calorie calculator

I just joined today and I think I went through all of the calculators and noticed that my caloric requirement is like 2900 calories. Is this accurate? I don't know. I can't see myself eating more than I already do.

Here is my deal: I work night shift in a clinical lab. I wake up 8pm-ish and have breakfast/dinner - my biggest meal of the day. I have coffee on my way to work (1 hr drive). An hour after arriving at work I have a Fiber One bar with water. I have my lunch break around 2:30 and have noodles or a sandwich with a fruit snack cup and at least one cup of water. I don't have anything else until 5 or later when I can take my next break. That is usually a yogurt with fruit and water or something like that. When I get home around 10 I usually have a veggie wrap or an egg omelet with cheese or sometimes ham, too, with tea.

Today is my first day using this so I added everything up that I've eaten and it came to about 1600 calories. In the most extreme work day situation, I might have up to 2000-2200 calories. This is still a deficit of caloric intake according to the calculator. I've been stuck at 177lbs for several years now.

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without some specifics it's difficult to be helpful. How tall are you? Age? do you have a scale that will tell you your BMR (Basal metabolic rate).
In my experience, Fitday sort of over rates how many calories you burn a day. 2900 calories without exercize is a LOT of calories unless you are a very large guy (and if you ARE 177 lbs wouldn't be very heavy). Try choosing sedentary as a lifestyle and see what that gives you.
Good luck
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I agree with above - choose sedentary
Also double check that you log correctly. A 'cup' for instance is a lot less than you might think.
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Rmnsuk makes a good point. You MUST weigh and/or measure what you are throwing down your gullet! Measuring cups and spoons and a decent gram scale are your friends! Do not depend on your eye because your eye is biased. Athletes (think Lance Armstrong) weigh every morsel that slides down their throat. If you doubt this, try measuring out a 1/2 cup of whatever by eye and then do it with a measuring cup. Even a small error will add up at the end of a week or month.
Good luck
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I agree too. It seems from your description of your routine that you are not watching Carbs at all. During the initial "induction" phase of Atkins it focuses you to watch the carbs and limit them to less than 15 carbs a day or less. That means drop the noodles - dude. And take a look at the carbs in the protein bar --- WOW. Weighing your morsels is really good too. Keep trying. It will come.
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I would have to agree with what others have said with regard to weighing what you eat. As well look at nutritional values on the labels-fruit cup usually equals sugar, yogurt equals sugar, noodles equal starch, bread equals starch. I'm not suggesting that you eliminate all sugars and starches but have found the most significant weight loss (30 lbs) with fresh/steamed or sauteed veggies, egg whites (be liberal with the salsa as it contains few calories) chicken breast and lots of fish. The last thing-you cannot consume to much water!

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