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Default Am I re-comping?

It's funny but I seem to be changing my shape (clothes fitting looser, looking thinner in the face) and yet the scale is hardly moving.

I guess I'm re-comping?

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I do believe that one can weight the same and be a drastically different looking person 6 months later, but I was under the impression that you needed to have your diet REALLY dialed in for that to occur. my diet while improved and improving, is not that regimented.

If it matters, my workouts have recently changed from primarily compound lifts, and little else weight wise, to compound lifts plus some bb work and conditioning "complexes", sled pulling, and I'm about to get a prowler from my friendly neighborhood welder. I also use a rowing machine for off day cardio and alternate that with 20-30 minute low intensity, steady state workouts, and some intense interval training for 10-15 minutes.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Any change to your normal diet and exercise routine can change your body fat and muscle % enough to lose inches even if the scales hasn't moved.

I would guess you would have to be pretty specific with the % and timing of your macros, plus the type of workouts to accomplish a true body recomposition.
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