HELP!! Weight wont come off

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Default HELP!! Weight wont come off

I have been working out and eating right for about a month now. My typical intake is between 2200-2400 cals/day. According to the site I burn around 3600 cals/day and I should limit calories to around 2300/day. According to that I am right where I should be but up until now I have only lost 1 pound. I feel good, my stomach looks flatter and my body looks leaner but the weight is still there. My typical work out is 30mins of intervals on my treadmill 4-5 times/week and weight lifting, mainly supersets, 4-5 times/week. I just cant figure out why the weight is not coming off. Help me please!!
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Generally, if you're not losing at all (i.e. you've not been losing then suddenly hit a plateau) the issue is that you're calorie deficeit is too low (or non-existant).

It is pretty easy to figure your calorie burn too high, your intake too low, or both.

You don't list your height/weight, but your burn seems high. Sometimes our bodies don't cooperate with what the computer says and we need to reduce our calorie burn figure. To make mine jive, I add 8 hours of sleep, for instance. This seems to make my actual loss correspond pretty closly to what the computer says it should be.

Now, are you weighing and measuring your portions, and logging everything? It's easy to misjudge portions, forget about cooking oils, condiments, etc.

I'd relook at all your data, then think about cutting calories back a bit. I bet you'll see results.

Given the right food choices, I find I am pretty comfortable at 1500 calories. Given my 290 weight (now) and "seated with some movement" lifestyle and modest exercise I'm losing an average of 2.5 lbs a week. This is with a theoretical calorie deficeit of around 1500 a day.

Hope this helps.

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Sorry for the late post. There can be a couple of reasons you aren't seeing the losses you think you should.

* You are losing fat but gaining muscle because of your lifting routine. This is a good thing. Take measurements and progress pictures to be sure this is what is happening or have your bodyfat % measured to track your actual fat loss not just weight loss.

* You aren't losing because your Base Metabolic Rate (BMR) numbers are off. Many here, including myself, have found the sites BMR calculations to be on the high side. You are really burning less than the Fitday calculations. This means your deficit is also incorrect. Try to decrease your intake by 200-300 calories daily and chart your progress over 2 weeks. This will help you determine your true BMR. Then you can customize your BMR or like others have done start logging sleep (and mecompco suggested) to make your BMR closer to reality. (There are several threads about BMR you can look for.)
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