What am I doing wrong?

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Originally Posted by mariush View Post
Have you tried measurement? (Your waist etc.)
You might be building muscles and burn fat. (Muscles weigh more than fat, after all)
I would suggest that you increase your protein intake while reducing the amount of carbs to start. It is also a myth that muscle weighs more than fat. A pound is equal to a pound. The reality is that muscle is more dense than fat. This means that a pound of muscle takes up less space than does a pound of fat. Therefore, if a 200 lb man has a higher fat % than another 200 lb man (assuming similar height), he will look bigger.

I would also suggest that you focus weight training to lighter weights used and higher reps. With cardio, I suggest that you wear a heart monitor and track your heart rate. Try to keep it close to the 80% limit for your age.

Hope this helps and best of luck!!
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Originally Posted by Iamaman View Post
Maybe you could answer a question for me. Or anyone here can. I'm 6'1" 235lbs. I want to get to 195lbs. An online test that I took says that I should be getting roughly 2600 calories a day to reach that goal without exercise. Now my FitDay average for the last month has me at about 1865 calories a day, and I work out 3-4 times a week doing cardio, shooting hoops, and weights. In theory, weight should be falling off me and it's not, and I don't know why. I also don't understand the "calories burned" vs. "calories eaten". I guess that's two questions. Sorry. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. Oh, also if this is helpful, my ratios of carb/fats/protein are 44/33/22. I just turned 48.

I incorrectly posted a reply to mariush. I meant to post it for you; sorry. I ahven't been on this site for a while and I am re-learning how to use it.
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Initial large loss may have been mostly water. You dont say your actual weight but your caloric intake seems very low. Your body may be reacting to extreme restriction by stubbornly storing fat. Try focusing more on measurements like waist circumference and body fat percentage versus lean muscle mass, than just scale weight. Do resistance excercise but not every day and try eating more calories and carbs around these workouts. One cheat meal per week can also be beneficial if you dont go too mad.

I like the free e book available from DrClay.com This guy really seems to have it down. Suggest you take a look

regards Nick
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