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Advice, Success Motivation, Friends, Advice/Opinions.

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Smile Advice, Success Motivation, Friends, Advice/Opinions.

Good Evening. My name is Katie, I'll try to make my story as clear and brief as physically possible. I'll try not to ramble(:

Firstly, my journey I have committed myself to is completely secret. Because I hold my weight fairly well, I don't think people would treat the same. The only people who know, are my mother, myself, and my nutritionist.

Moving on! I'm a young adult dealing with colleges, job applications, my weight loss journey, becoming a better cook and driver, the deployments and travels of my wonderful fiance, making myself an overall better person, getting my grades where they once were, and future plans in general.

Blessed: I have wonderful friends, family, and a wonderful fiancee who has recently began training for leave for the USMC coming up shortly.

Rewind! The past few years have been a huge upset and disappointment for me.

Recent aggravating mountains I've had to climb and tragedies to get over, gave me a major loss of hope. Though I once had an hour glass figure, and fairly impressive grades, My weight skyrocketed from 160lbs, to a whopping 260lbs, and my grades dropped considerably. I'm 5'5, I used to have an hour glass figure, and now its an apple. My philosophy now is to thank God I made this self realization to change at a young age, and to not waste time regretting things you can't change.

Where I went Wrong:
Food was my savior/ downfall. Horrible binging habits, and making myself feel better with food caused my dramatic weight gain. To depress myself further, I always compared myself to my older brothers who are perfect in athletics, and are ivy league students, and have incredibly fit bodies.

My Motivation: I know someday, that I too can look as beautiful as I know I can be. I recently purchased an exercise bike that will be delivered to my home shortly, and my goal is to work out 6 days a week, with weight training in between. For dieting, after months of having diet failures and gaining weight back, I have come to a happy medium with a 1,200 calorie diet that I will boost when I start working out.

I want to stop being made fun of. I want to be able to go out, and be praised, and not humiliated, and enjoy being who I am. I want to live a long healthy life, look my best for me, my friends, my fiance, and my self esteem, and to enjoy my healthy, well working body while its in its young state, and look good and feel good about myself for once in my life. I want to be beautiful.

The beginning: In the past three weeks I had dropped 13 pounds, from my peak weight of 260lbs which was my motivator to start my journey, and to finish it with my goal results. I'm fully aware that big weight loss will not happen every three weeks, because of this, and the sooner I start exercise, the more the weight will melt off. I am going to weigh in every three weeks, so I don't get discouraged by the natural human weight loss differences.

What I want to gain and experiences from this site:

I am hoping to find some friends like, diet buddies, people who have already had success, people I can share my journey with, and their journeys with. I know if I find friends on this website, It could be like a separate family, so I don't ultimately keep my journey a secret, I can be motivated even more, and share in my weight loss experience with people who can relate, and share in the beginning of a long, hard, stressful, and rewarding journey of a 105lb weight loss to put me somewhere in the 140s. Get advice for my college journey, to turn my life around, and worrying and waiting for my husband to be to come home.

My goal is to weigh between 140-145lbs on March 19th 2013. I have already lost 13 pounds since my start date of 2.27.2012 Will you help me reach my goal, and let me help you?

I'm sorry for the rambling. I hope this wasn't to much to read.

(Advice with getting rid of extra skin, elbow, fat and arm fat etc.. would be helpful! Also, does anyone know if weight loss makes you lose your curves? I don't want those to be gone. Only pleasing thing about me at the moment! )

Please reply, add, message me, answer the poll!
Thank you for joining my on my journey, I would love to join you on yours.

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Welcome Katie,
There are lots of individuals here with both experience and success that have provided intelligent, compassionate and motivational advise to me and countless others here on Fitday. Don't be afraid to share your struggles as well as your successes. Read through some of the archived articles and you will see the many others who want to help you get to your goals.

Congratulations on your success so far and for making the realization you needed to change at a young age. Hope to see more of you around the forums.
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Sorry I missed reading your intro for a few days. It is very well thought out and informative!

Sticking around and jumping into conversations is the best way to get to know everyone here and make weight loss friends.

Hope to see you around the boards!
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