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Dude you are so awesome, thanks for sharing. What you've accomplished nothing short of completely amazing. Way to go!!!!
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Originally Posted by vabeachgirlNYC
You could shave it all off! Bald men are sexy as hell!

That truly is awesome what you've been able to do. I think this would be a great place to talk about other changes you may have seen such as cholesterol, blood glucose, resting heart rate, sleep, ability to do things easier... tie shoes, etc. I'm curious as to besides looking great, how you actually feel.

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You are amazing, but you already knew that - the great message is the continuing, WIP!


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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6

That truly is awesome what you've been able to do. I think this would be a great place to talk about other changes you may have seen such as cholesterol, blood glucose, resting heart rate, sleep, ability to do things easier... tie shoes, etc. I'm curious as to besides looking great, how you actually feel.
Well, Mike, I really have no idea as to all that medical stuff--I suppose I'll have to break down and go for a check up one of these days .

I think I've related before that I was all-in walking more than 50ft. or so and that it was painful to simply stand up. It takes a lot of energy to keep 400+ pounds alive, I'll tell you.

I do sleep much better--I used to stop breathing quite often, the wife tells me--she'd wake me up once in a while to start again (thanks, dear!).

I must say that I feel pretty darned good! Just got back from my two mile 28 minute jog (and jogged the whole way, today). A far cry from a year ago when not being able to find the closest parking space at McDonald's was a major hardship!

Knees don't hurt, ankles don't hurt, back doesn't hurt, feet don't hurt, don't sound like a steam locomotive while walking, you get the picture.

So, if anyone is contemplating gaining a couple hundred pounds, I'd advise against it . If anyone reading this is in the same boat I was, all I can say is make up your mind to do it, get a plan in place, and get-r-done. The rewards are WELL worth the minor aggravation of a lifestyle change.


PS I'll feel even better when I get down under 200--after that we'll see what looks/feels best. Also, I think I should do another picture--perhaps one beside the Jeep like the "before" one. I didn't even know I had that picture so my "during" photo is hard to directly compare. I think I've also got a "before" of my face--it really looks different--heck, it took me a second to recognize my face in a dept. store mirror the other day!

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This is so incredible Michael! You really look like a new person. And I'm sure you feel like one. Unbelievable! You're quite the inspiration. If you can accomplish THAT transformation, then you gotta know anything is possible.
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Michael, you've done a fantastic job!

Your outward tranformation is awesome...and I know you must be enjoying much improved heath and energy.

Thanks for posting, and thanks also for driving home the point that it takes consistent but do-able work and there is no easy way out.

Congratulations on having all your efforts pay off
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"FWIW, I've gotten this far in one year using FitDay daily, eating a reasonable amount of real food, having the occasional "day off" (or two), and doing a pretty modest (30 min) amount of daily exercise (mainly walking). No pills, shots, starving, patent gadgets, surgery or other hocus pocus."


I'm so glad that you posted your pictures! And I totally agree; I think that you should take an after picture by the same Jeep! Even if someone only has 20 lbs. to lose, you certainly give them the inspiration (and eliminate any excuses ) to get the job done.

I'm so happy to see your approach to weight loss. Basically, calories in vs. calories out. In a time when we all want instant gratification, sometimes doing it the "old fashioned" way, even though it takes time, works. The whole key is changing our eating habits for good, not just for awhile. It takes time for our brains to reboot and think about food differently.

There are times when I still go to my old size on the racks when shopping for new clothes because I don't mentally picture myself as smaller... I can only imagine how it must be for you!



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WOW! Impressive progress-Congrats!
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Michael, congratulations on the transformation so far.
All I have to add (aside from what other have said), is back when I used to play golf, my mum would call me the comeback kid. If I have a crappy first 9 holes, you could guarentee that the back 9 I'd "come back", and kick ass.
So as far as you calling it a "failure story", don't even bother, because as you said, the story is far from over. From now on, I give you the title of Come Back Kid, because you deserve it far more than me.
Thanks for being such an inspiration, not only to myself, but to everyone else on the forums, posters and lurkers alike.
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AWESOME JOB!!! Your wife must feel like she's cheating on you - with YOU!
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