Little fun size me is now in a 12

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Talking Little fun size me is now in a 12

I started this journey wearing a size 16 pants, XL tops, and 38 D bra. I went down to a 14 about a month ago. I went down to a large top. The other day I went to put on my 14's that were just bought and they were falling off my hips. I went to use a belt because I really can't afford to keep buying clothing everytime I go down a size. The belt wouldn't even hold them up. I figured okay, is time again. I discovered a great clothing secret that makes a lot of sense if you you are steady losing weight and have a budget to work with. I discovered Goodwill. I went there to today and bought 3 pairs of slacks (size 12) a long sleeve shirt, and I even bought a sleeveless top for the same price I would have spent for jeans and top in a conventional store. So I am happy to say that I wear a 12 now, which I haven't been since my youngest was born 9 years ago, I can feel comfortable wearing a sleeveless top, which I never would have done 2 months ago. I am getting "guns" lol. I can almost fit in a medium, and I dropped a cup size. That would be my motivation right there, getting to buy all the cute clothes again that I couldn't wear before. I am loving this! My goal size at the end of this long journey is a size 7-8, and then all I gotta do is maintain. Good luck to everyone on this journey and I look forward to coming on these boards and seeing the progress everyone makes, and I will continue to be on these boards for the rest of my healthy life. Sorry, feeling sentimental after being able to buy a 12 and it fit comfortably south breathing room.
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With* breathing room lol
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Well done. Good will is great for those transitional clothes and it's a good place for donating the too big clothes so you can't gain without having to buy larger clothes. That provides good motivation against relapses. I look forward to hearing more updates at size 10. Enjoy the changes. Mary
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Default Yeah Pixie!

It is great to feel good in clothes again isn't?
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That's great! I love Goodwill but never had much luck finding really large men's clothes. I pretty much relied on eBay when I had to fill some gaps in my closet on the way down.

Keep up the great work!

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Default congratulations!

That is wonderful progress. What plan did you follow? You and I sound kind of familiar (similar start weight, I have a 9 year old too and it has been a while since I saw size 12...). I have not been having a lot of "scale success" with my strength training and diet regimen but am feeling a lot better. I'm looking for any help on getting the weight off!
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Congratulations!!! It feels great to have to buy clothes because you are getting smaller, not BIGGER.
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The plan is followed was one I made myself. I do 3 sets of different exercises that work the same muscle but differently. I use my own body weight and increasing start with my upper body first then lower then upper then lastly lower. So I am hitting my body with circuit training so my muscles are confused as to what comes next. So like the beginning of my workout is 3 sets of 25 chair dips then 3 sets of 25 pushups 3 sets of 25 tricep dips then I do lower like 3 sets of 25 lunges 3 of 25 square 3 of 25 side crunches then I move back to upper body such as 3 sets of 25 diamond pushups 3 of 25 arm raises then I will move back to upper then back to lower. Right after doing that, which takes about 45 50 minutes I go jogging. I used to do indoor stepping for 40 minutes but now that the weather has finally broken, I go jogging for about an hour. I go medium to fast pace, the fast pace is when I do a 3 minutes sprint and go back to medium pace. I go about 5.88 miles in that hour. I then make sure I drink 128oz of water and eat 4 times a day. I know I don't always get in 1200 calories, but I at least get in 1000 a day. That's my plan. When I started, I could only do 1 set of 10, but as they became easy it incresed. That's why I am now at 3 of 25 and my next step in 2 weeks is to go to 4 sets of 20 just to throw my body off. After that 3 sets of 30.
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At Halloween Fashion Bug had a shirt that said "I'm not short, I'm fun size", I think you need to keep your eye out for it and snatch one up in a medium. Congratulations.
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