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5 Easy Ways to Quit Smoking for Good- Tried & Tested


5 Easy Ways to Quit Smoking for Good- Tried & Tested

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Default 5 Easy Ways to Quit Smoking for Good- Tried & Tested

I am the live example for those who say quitting smoking is next to impossible or challenging. Itís neither. I have suggestions, guidelines, and tried and tested methods. If you follow them step by step, there is no reason you can give up smoking. I firmly believe my suggestions and guideline will stand out as I have been a smoker for more than 15 years. How I give up smoking matters!

5 Easy Ways to Quit Smoking for Good- Tried & Tested

1. You Better Never Quit Smoking Cold Turkey-It will Complicate Your Life

You have been smoking for years. Right? How can you expect to give up this in one shot?

Trying to change too much too early can lead to failure. And make you depressed and frustrated.

Never try this. Donít torture your wish.

Instead, you reduce your smoking frequency at your own pace. Donít impose harsh rules!

Find out the number of cigarettes or packs of cigarettes you smoke daily. Maintain a record.

From tomorrow onward, you have to cut it by 20% for the first week. Practical and actionable.

The second week is more crucial than the first. You have a new target Ėyour frequency of smoking needs to narrow down by 40%. Not a big deal!

When you enter the third week, you are ready to take a litmus test. You are more determined than before.

You hardly find yourself smoking Ėyou reduce it by more than 50%.

Yes, what you heard is correct. You proved what you are.

And you are just a few steps away from achieving your goal. You can see your finish line.

The next three weeks are decisive.

The journey looks challenging but achievable for a person like you.

At the end of the 6th week, you have to make a budget for your celebration. Your mission is complete-game is over!

You are on the list of non-smokers. You can pat yourself if you wish. You proved- you too canÖĒ

2. What if You Crave Smoking During the Transition? Weíve Solution for You

You are the best judge to decide what you like and enjoy.

When you yearn for smoking, you can eat or drink what you like the most. No matter how expensive your choice.

No compromise at all!

The list may include chocolate, cake, sweets, nuts, or any soft drink.

It can be anything; it depends upon your choice.

Keep the confectionery handy.

If you feel like eating nothing, or you have no particular liking or interest in your eating habit. No issues!

You can tune your favorite music or connect with your friends.

Browsing your favorite topic on social media can help you too.

If plan A doesnít work, there are 25 more letters!

You decide what interests you the most, what excites you doing when you are free. What about your hobbies? Do what your hobby says.

You can do what you like instead of smoking. How determined and tenacious you are can make or break you.

If you are unshakable, you also can find ways.

3. Why Donít You Stop Giving the Company of Smokers?

It is far better to be alone than to be in bad company-George Washington.

Donít compromise with your goal. Be strict and disciplined. You are the best judge of yourself.

The mission to achieve your lofty goal is not too far. No one can shake your determination without your consent.

You do what makes you happy.

What if smoking brings happiness to your face? You better redefine being happy.

You canít dare to attend a party or have fun with your best friends at the cost of smoking.

Nothing is more important than your health.

Neither your friend nor anyone can help you cure when you are on the death bed.

You are the Security guard of your own life. You can decide what to do and what not to do.

Strict yourself from being vulnerable.

4. Are you the one who Smokes when you Defecate?

The habit of smoking in the washroom while defecating can linger a little longer. But no worries! A problem doesnít exist without a solution.

You are bold, courageous and determined to handle any challenging situation.

To combat this, you can take some laxatives (you can consult a doctor if you wish) before going to bed.

This practice enables you to keep your bowel clean and much more.

If you are reluctant to take any laxative, you still have another option too.

You can eat fresh fruits -apples, grapes, papaya, kiwi, or pears. Select your favorite fruits.

Eating these fruits can bring amazing health benefits to your body.

And you feel rejuvenated. You look more active, energetic and confident.

You not only stopped smoking, but you made your body free from constipation.

5. Enough Is Enough-never Have a Stock of Cigarette in Your House

It tempts you to smoke if you have a cigarette in your house or your workplace.

Your chest of drawers, shelves, sideboard, or cabinets should be free from the cigarette.

Throw your favorite ashtray with your hand. And feel the difference.

Never encourage anybody to smoke in your house.

Leave the place if you find someone smoking in front of you.

Burn all the leftover cigarette before it burns you.

Keep your ambience clean and aromatic. Avoid the smell of cigarettes that nudged you in the past.

You are on a mission, every small step matters.

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I would say that smoking is very bad for the human being it should be quit if anyone have the habit of smoking I don't like it ..
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To solve all of your psycology problems. Smoking is a very synthetic process. You smoke not because your organism really needs it but because you have an anxiety or depression etc. Smoking is a social stuff by which you encourage and soothe yourself when you feel bad.
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I agree with you totally, used to be a smoker for so long, and after quit smoking, I feel so well straightaways!!!
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great tips
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  1. Try nicotine replacement therepy
  2. Avoid Triger
  3. chew on it
  4. Don't have just one
  5. Try relaxation techniques
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Cool. Im trying
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Thumbs up 5 easy ways to quit smoking

1) You can add chewing gums to divert your mind from smoking.
2) You can add various fruits
3) Add various relaxation technique
4) Add whey protein
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Default good share

thanks for your share
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