65 lbs in 5 months


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Default 65 lbs in 5 months

I'll keep it short. I follow what I call the "RDA Diet". I just use Fitday to meet targets on macro- and micronutrients based on the Recommended Daily Allowances provided by the government. But of course, RDA is based on a 2000-caloried diet, so if I am at 1500, I can accept something like 75% of RDA. (Do the math.) Here is a bullet list to summarize:
  • 1500 cal/day
  • Usually two meals per day. Brunch/lunch and supper.
  • This means about 16 hours "fasting" per day before break-fast.
  • No sugar
  • No white flour
  • No processed foods
  • Eat foods with only one ingredient
  • Ratio of potassium to sodium at 3:2
  • Vitamins B (especially B12) and C every day since they are water soluble
  • Vitamins A, D, E can be loaded up throughout the week
  • Plenty of magnesium
  • Eat fresh when possible (shop every day). Some canned meat and vegetables.
  • Nice steak dinner every Sunday, but no more fast foods and rarely going out during the week.
  • Eat REAL food only.
  • Thanks to Jack Lalanne for guidance and inspiration. QUOTE: "It's just like putting water in a gas tank in your auto. It wouldn't run. And you're a human machine. You put the wrong fuel and this human machine doesn't run. It goes through life, pretty soon, pff, pff, pfft. Pretty soon, you're right in the old grave!"
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Really this is a very helpful list to follow.
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