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50 Years Old and Starting Anew! - Originally started on 4/25/14 >

50 Years Old and Starting Anew! - Originally started on 4/25/14

50 Years Old and Starting Anew! - Originally started on 4/25/14

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I don't know how I missed your posts! So glad I stumbled upon them! Very inspiring and a good message that making small changes over time really do add up! You're doing a fantastic job...keep up the momentum! And your husband...not even sure what to say...so supportive and smart too! All the best to you! I looked forward to reading more about your progress soon!
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Default Happy to Help

Thank you so much for the positive feedback. Reviewing the comments here, along with putting up the information posts as I go, are things I like to look at to help remind myself why I am doing this. I WANT to be in better health, and having my husband/coach work with me has been something that has truly been a blessing. Today I am 206.0 lbs, and I want to do more walking for exercise today, as a close friend of mine (neighbor) is so impressed that she has started to want to walk for exercise to reduce her weight. So I am going with her even though it is not an exercise day.

My husband said this should work fine, as long as I do not overdo it. He said he will check my glucose level when I get back and see how I do. I am drinking an extra 20 oz bottle of flavored water.

I seem to be reducing weight again quickly, despite any real extended exercise workouts. My husband says that exercise enthusiasts get it wrong a lot, where they say you specifically need to change up the exercises to lose the weight. He said the focus should be on exercise changes OR dietary changes (calorie increase or decrease). In my case, he said it is because we make the dietary changes every so many weeks, instead of the exercise changes. Coupling the calorie changes with the exercise causes a "tipping point" as he calls it. I am not entirely sure I can explain it like he does, but I am to understand it means I reach a point with calories and exercise that causes me to lose more weight than I did, even with MORE calories eaten. For example, after my last post, we increased my calorie intake (mostly protein) by only 50 calories per day, and I suddenly had a bigger weight drop. He thinks this "tipping point" for Phase III was reached and the weight loss will slow down to normal levels again in another couple of days.

Regardless, I have lots of energy, and want to go out and visit all my friends since many won't recognize me at this size. I've lost 29.0 pounds since April 25th! My blood sugar is doing great (it was just at 90). My blood pressure is finally rising back to more normal levels (110/73 today).

I have noticed I have lost a little bit on my chest over time, as my bras are finally getting a little loose. Also, we are looking at getting an expander placed on my wedding set as the rings keep falling off as of last Thursday. I don't want to resize them just yet.

At this point, I am only 16 lbs away from my goal. My husband says we are ahead of schedule by about 10 days, so he continues to monitor things for me to make sure I am doing well. I am also sleeping better now (I use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea) and I noticed I am starting to wake up earlier now, where I used to want to stay in bed until about 10 AM before this all started.

I will continue to post updates as I progress, but I love responding to those who comment here, as I hope the information I share is beneficial to those who visit me here.

See you next time!

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So inspiring and nice to read such a positive post! I think your husband missed his calling...clearly he should be in the fitness or medical field He seems to have found what really works for you! I do want to commend you as well! He may be helping you by designing a program for you to follow, but you're the one following the program and putting in the time and effort to exercise. Kuddos to you both!!
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Default BMI accuracy in question

Today we were discussing the BMI chart. My husband and I have looked at it before, but he had decided months ago to give it a greater in-depth look and researched a significant amount of information from medical sources regarding it, spoke to his doctors, and then went and checked some charts from his old Air Force day. He determined that there are variations not commonly stated in the BMI charts that makes him question their accuracy.
Items he noted (these are his words):

1. The chart does not clearly delineate between bone structure differences. Some people are "large boned", some have an average bone structure, and some have smaller bone structures. None of these issues are directly addressed in standard BMI charts. The upper and lower weight limits may be to include this component, but there is not enough information provided to identify as such when examining the BMI chart.

2. Bone density does not get addressed. Bone density affects the weight of an individual, and makes it harder for someone to fall within the range specified based on height. Women post-menopausal have a serious calcium concern, and therefore changes associated with bone mineral density. My wife has been taking calcium supplements at my direction and supervision for 5 years in an effort to maintain a healthy bone mineral density, despite advancing age.

3. Men and women have different BMIs, but physical changes due to age doesn't seem to be addressed for BMI charts. It is shown in a standard BMI chart that women have a healthy weight of 5'7" to be 118.1 to 159.6 pounds. Although this seems healthy in one respect, with my wife being at the age of 50, getting down to such a weight is actually considered unsafe. This has also been confirmed by her doctor. Women start to lose bone density over time, and this makes it easier to develop a broken hip or fractures. However, at the same time, bringing your weight down to an area you haven't been in over 25 years can produce a large amount of stress on your body organs. The differences also affect medication (I have already seen it happen to her) as well as blood pressure, heart rate, kidney and liver functions. Although it is considered to be an improvement overall, it is a difficult thing to do when you reach a certain age. Also, since women at her age do not have a menstrual cycle, she has gone through hormonal weight gain that becomes more difficult to remove. Again, this places stress on the body to try and put someone into this weight category just because a BMI chart claims it is healthy.

My preliminary assessment is that BMI charts are an excellent source for getting a feel for a healthy weight limit. However, since there are variations not addressed, the chart can only be used as a guide. Many people will fit into its chart range. However, a large number of people will not, as they reach certain ages or have physical differences from the standards set. Regardless, the BMI chart can give someone a good feel of where they need to be when assessing their weight goals. We will make modifications to my wife's future weight goals to ensure she is close, if nothing else.
At this point, my husband considers my weight goal of 190 pounds to be an acceptable start. This is primarily a fat reduction goal, and not muscle growth. He feels that if I want to lose more weight after that, the upper limit of my BMI should be exactly 164.9 pounds, based on some calculations he did to compensate for age, weight differences due to hormonal changes, and the fact I am a larger physical woman, compared to others. I have been on a calcium supplement since I was 45, as per my husband, and I have never had the problems some women associate with post-menopause, of which I am thankful. He said his focus for the calcium supplements (a specific blend of calcium for women over 40), is to help ensure I maintain a normal bone mineral density, instead of a weaker one that is common post-menopause. We are not sure if this contributes to the fact I do not suffer from hot flashes, although I do suffer from cold ones.

I'm always interested in hearing what others think. Let me know here on your opinion!
Update: 7-17-14

We went ahead and called my primary care doctor's office and my husband asked him specifically about BMI charts. As my husband thought, the charts are not as accurate as people tend to believe, and they specifically need to be tailored to individuals. He was told they are an excellent source for working in the right direction, but should not be followed exactly, as each individual's physiology may not match up with the charts. Additionally, after I gave some approvals over the phone for his nurse to let my husband talk to them some more about my patient file, they said that I should be around 165 pounds for the upper end of my BMI range (normal). Since my husband projected 164.9 pounds, I find this pretty amazingly close together for numbers. We thanked my doctor and hung up.
Anyway. that's my update for today. See you next time!

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Default Following the plan is a MUST!

Today I was down to 203.8 lbs, but I jumped to 206.2 lbs on Sunday because I wasn't following the plan very well last week. My husband had a bread making recipe that was very healthy for me (no soy, dairy, gluten or wheat and was only 40 carbs per loaf (not slice)). I smelled the bread and ate 2 pieces of it at the end of the day Wednesday (152 calories total). He warned me I shouldn't have done that as I had not compensated for it in my diet. His plan was originally to have me have the bread as an item to swap out with one of my lemon bars, but give me variety. However, I hadn't had bread in months, and I ate 2 slices anyway.

Afterwards, I thought that I may gain weight from it. My husband said that if I did, it would only be a couple days and then it would disappear, so not to worry about it. One lapse of a low calorie/low carb item shouldn't affect me too much if I follow the plan.

However, I have been talking to a friend of mine who was so impressed with me, that she started her own diet and exercise. She doesn't have a separate fat burning/muscle building plan. She is on 1100 calories a day, at 63 years old, and she is walking 2 hours a day, twice a day. She has been sleeping a lot because of it. But, because she is walking so much now, I wanted to join her.

My husband has repeatedly told me this is a fat burning plan, not a muscle building one (that comes later), and I should feel lots of energy, but should not exercise beyond the plan requirements or I would not get the same goals. However, for reasons I am not entirely sure about, I decided to listen to my friend instead and go walking with her a couple hours at a time. I did the walk once a day for 2 hours (in addition to my evening bike ride for 30 minutes on my exercise days). The difference is I walked for 4 days (Wed-Sat) in a row, which means I walked on my non-exercise days too. I enjoyed the walks and the company, but my legs were very sore! I haven't been sore at all like this during my entire weight loss plan to date. We walked 3.66 miles per day.

On Sunday I went ahead and weighed myself as normal, sure in myself that I would lose weight. My husband shook his head before I did it, saying I would have gained weight. Surely that isn't possible!

However, just as he said, I went from 204.8 lbs to 206.2 lbs! I was very unhappy! How could this be when I did so much more exercise! My husband was frustrated because I was disregarding the plan, and told me if I want to do something else, he will stop helping with it. I told him I didn't want to do that, and that I wanted to walk off the bread, as well as hopefully reduce more. He told me that if I knew what I was doing from the beginning, I wouldn't have needed the help. If I choose to disregard the help, then that is my choice, but he would stop helping and do something else. I was so unhappy with myself. He did reassure me that if I simply started going back to the plan, I would lose the weight in a couple days, and be as low as or lower by today than I was last week. Although his comments seem harsh here, they really weren't. He was worried about me as I had lost focus on the reason I was dieting. It wasn't just weight loss, it was a life change to improve myself, and I had focused only on some stupid pieces of bread and a "fear" of weight gain.

I use a digital scale and weigh myself 3 times each time, and I had measured myself so many times last Sunday, where it kept giving the same weight, that I wanted to not use it anymore. Again, my husband said that is me not focusing correctly on the right thing.

So, I went back to having the days off and not exercising just as the plan said. I went back to walking 30 minutes, then broke off my walk with my friend and she continued on (it was in our neighborhood, so it was easy to do).

Today, I weighed myself and I was 203.8 lbs! I couldn't believe it! It was only 3 days, yet I lost the weight. My husband told me weight loss isn't linear. There are multiple systems in the body, and they all work together when a person exercises and eats correctly. He said each person has slight variances, but if you do not design a custom plan, it will never work properly.
He said rest periods between exercise are where the calories are burned, as the body repairs itself. This made me a believer more than ever!

I think I get sucked into things others want to do because I like the positive feeling I get from being around other people who are positive as well. I then seem to gravitate towards wanting to do what they are doing, since I haven't been successful on my own. However, I HAVE to follow this if I want to succeed. It is so important to have something customized to you that works.

My husband has told me before, once I get back to within a BMI of 30, which the 190 lb goal will take me to (actually 29.76 at 190 lbs), then I can decide if my next goal should be just fat burning or a combination of both fat burning and muscle building. He has already taken steps to work on a muscle building regimen to add. He told me it is important to get that BMI down to under 30 before we decide to do the rest. I am very close to that goal, and I will continue to move forward, knowing what my husband has designed will work for me and only me.

Anyway, that's my update for today. See you next time!
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Default Phase IV begins! (Part I)

On July 31st, I started Phase IV of the customized diet and exercise program my husband has created for me:

Phase IV - approximately 30 days (until August 31)

On non-exercise days,
(8) 20.0 oz water bottles per day (I use Hi-C (Tropical Punch) for flavor), with no more than one bottle of water for every 2 hours for regular days.
Restricted diet of 1850 calories.

On exercise days,
(10) 20 oz water bottles, one bottle per period of exercise in addition to one bottle every 2 hours.
Restricted diet of 1950 calories.

Slow breathing for 5 minutes
Kegel stretching for 10 minutes
30 minutes of a stationary bike, and/or 30 minutes of walking (depending on how I feel or if I can get a walking partner). There is a 10 hour difference between the stationary bike and the walking.

Exercise days are Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat.

Weigh-in/measurement days are Wednesday and Sunday between 9AM-10 AM.
I use a SunBeam digital scale (it appears to be off compared to my doctor’s scale by 3.0 lbs, but they also said theirs was not reporting weight exactly and needed to be re-calibrated) I bought at Wal-Mart.

Non-Exercise Days
Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla or Strawberry Yogurt 1.33 servings
1.5 cups of watermelon (no longer eating bananas)
One 20 oz bottle of water
2 hard-boiled egg (white only) with 1/12th a cup of cheese for flavoring. I usually melt the cheese onto the chopped up boiled egg whites by microwaving for 10 seconds. The cheese is Wal-Mart brand mild, finely shredded cheddar cheese.

Exercise Days
Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry Yogurt 1.33 servings
1.5 cups of watermelon
One 20 oz bottle of water
2 hard-boiled egg (white only) with 1/12th a cup of cheese for flavoring

One additional 20 oz bottle of water right after exercising (or during) if it is an exercise day
1.5 cups of watermelon for exercise period itself (eaten before, during, or after)

I also take a Woman's Silver One-A-Day vitamin and I take a daily 600mg Calcium supplement.

Every 2 hour period, drink one 20 oz bottle of water

Snack - half-way between breakfast and lunch
Fiber One 90 calorie Lemon Bars (pack of 1) – (the only bread product I get for now)
One 20 oz bottle of water

Non-Exercise Days
Progresso Light Soup Chicken Noodle (or similar, I prefer Chicken Pot Pie) - 1/2 can
1 hard-boiled egg with only 1/2 the yolk
1 hard-boiled egg (white only) with 1/12th a cup of cheese for flavoring
One 20 oz bottle of water

Exercise Days
Progresso Light Soup Chicken Noodle (or similar, I prefer Chicken Pot Pie) - 1/2 can
1 hard-boiled egg with only 1/2 the yolk
2 hard-boiled egg (white only) with 1/12th a cup of cheese for flavoring
One 20 oz bottle of water

Nature Valley Granola Bar (pack of 2) - Plain (I no longer crave other variety flavors)
One 20 oz bottle of water

Non-Exercise Days
An approximate 800-900 calories, but my choice of variety. I usually have:
boneless, skinless chicken breast or tilapia fish- one 4 oz serving
baked potato - 1 (whole) with some of the new butter (and some of the cheese if I have some left)
steamed brussels sprout or broccoli or a california blend of broccoli/carrots, or a mix of broccoli/cauliflower - 2 to 3 servings (I love the brussel sprouts the most)

One 20 oz bottle of water

Exercise Days
An approximate 950-1050 calories, but my choice of variety. I usually have:
boneless, skinless chicken breast or tilapia fish- two 4 oz servings or two fish
baked potato - 2 (whole) with some of the new butter (and some of the cheese if I have some left)
steamed brussels sprout or broccoli or a california blend of broccoli/carrots, or a mix of broccoli/cauliflower - 2 to 3 servings (I love the brussel sprouts the most)
2 hard-boiled egg (white only) with no more than 1/6th a cup of cheese (total) for flavoring

One 20 oz bottle of water

Blue Bell Fruit Bar, Strawberry (70 calories) (*I sometimes eat peach, but still prefer the Strawberry).

The main differences between Phase III and Phase IV is the addition of the protein via egg whites. The goal is to include a 50 calorie average gain for non-exercise days, and 100 calorie average gain for exercise days. Each egg white is 17 calories. Three additional eggs on a non-exercise day is 51 calories. Six additional eggs on exercise days is 102 calories.
August 3, 2014
I have dropped down to 201.0 pounds and I have dropped overall over 25 inches! I only have 11 pounds to reach my goal of 190 pounds! I still feel great, and eating-wise I am stuffed from the extra foods. However, I am still going strong. I have not varied my exercise routine hardly at all since Phase I.
Now, to answer the question people keep asking me: How can you eat so many calories, exercise so little, and keep losing weight and inches?

The only answer I can give is what my husband tells me, as I don’t understand it either.
In my husband’s words:

In my wife’s case, as with many people, the body utilizes a combination of systems to function. Weight loss is not a linear "eat/exercise and lose exact weight" series of calculations. It requires all of these systems working together to allow the body to function on a day-to-day basis, utilizing a “maintenance” amount of calories, in addition to long-term storage of calories and other nutrients in body fat and muscle.

When performing a “fat reduction diet plan” such as what I devised for her, I examined the multitude of factors I could identify: muscle growth, fat reduction, age, weight, race and family history, bone structure and density, metabolism, waste systems, blood pressure and pulse, medications, appetite, mental health and sleep patterns. Taking all of these things into account, I realized there were several things wrong with traditional “diet” plans, and devised a working resolution.

In the case of my wife, I had her doctor place her on blood pressure medication. As most people are aware, many medications can actually provide a side-effect of appetite suppression. In my wife’s case, she was hooked on sugar, salt, and calorie intake far beyond what her body needed. When she was diagnosed with her grand-mal seizure and mini-TIA, it was also determined she needed blood pressure reducing aids. Since that time, she has gone from a large dosage amount to one-half originally prescribed in April 2014, because she lost so much weight. The appetite suppressant has assisted her in this endeavor.

Separately, I also focused on vitamin supplements to assist her in reduced cravings. In my research, many cravings human beings have for food are not for the individual food item, but for something that is identified on the surface of our memories about that food item. In her case, it started out as sugar, then changed to “sweet things to eat”, then modified itself to butter, and then she found herself craving carrots, etc. In each case, the nutrient she was craving was identified, provided through a supplement of some kind, and then the craving would completely stop. This is part of finding a person’s “balance”. Without a balance of your physiology, you cannot reach optimal health for weight reduction.

A way to think about this is that the body is an extremely complex machine that requires fuel to keep going on its day-to-day routine. Thinking in terms of a car, we all know that gasoline comes in different grades, and higher quality gasoline can help a car get longer distances. This is due to having a greater amount of fuel efficiency for the machine/car to burn. Human beings are similar in this regard, in that having a “purer” form of food to consume, and our body can process the calories more efficiently and work better at weight control. Separate from the gasoline is the oil, antifreeze, water, brake fluid, etc, etc. Each of these are tied to the same system. Changing your gasoline may improve your gas mileage, but if the spark plugs are fouled, you still get less mileage overall. It is important to recognize the body has to have a certain level of "maintenance" to run efficiently. Taking all of the different systems together as best I could, is how I determined what her maintenance requirement was, and what was needed to move forward with her body operating more efficiently.

In my wife’s case, the vitamin’s provided supplements, fresh or frozen fruits helped with the sweet flavor cravings, carrots themselves were fine to consume for beta-carotene cravings, eggs helped replace the “butter” craving, because it turned out (from experimentation) that the actual craving was the salt added into the butter. Egg whites contain some sodium, and having the egg whites consumed in quantity throughout the day easily eliminated this craving.

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Default Phase IV Begins! (Part II)

(continued from above)

It varies, based on the bodies systems, what you may eat from day-to-day, but it is important to recognize a few things: first, the cravings signify a missing element in the diet, generally a basic nutrient, not the actual flavor of something people crave. The human body is just not sophisticated enough to be able to inform the brain directly what that nutrient is. We generally translate it into something we want, but not actually knowing it without researching the item closer. Second, soluble carbohydrates, easier digesting foods, and a balanced diet of approximately 2000 calories or less will allow a person to lose some weight consistently up to a certain point. That weight loss limit is determined by age, metabolism, height, body fat content (BMI), and a few other factors.

Using those limits, a person can lose weight quickly, and enjoy regular foods (not heavily processed foods), and gets closer to their ideal BMI, while still processing a certain amount of calories efficiently. Coupling this with some exercise, whether routine or varied, will ensure the goals are met to be within that area in a reasonable amount of time.

In my wife’s case, she is still in the “Obese” range until she hits 190 pounds. As she drops through this BMI category, her body will continue to shed pounds and inches at a rate above the recommended normal. Once she is within the “Overweight” BMI range, the process should slow down as she starts to level off. At this point, more muscle building and varying exercise activities will be required to continue down to the “Normal” BMI path.

So, my wife will continue to eat mostly soluble carbs, no added salt and sugar, no caffeine, no milk, have vitamin supplements, fish and white meat (skinless chicken breast), medication to control blood pressure and pulse, and medication side-effects to help curb hunger, which allows greater portion control. Her body’s “machine” will continue to operate at a higher level of efficiency, and she will reach her goals within the specified time, while still enjoying a change of life for eating that is healthy and enjoyable.
I hope this helps clear things up. He added in a lot more, but I removed the excess text, as it went on for pages and pages.

So, I will keep eating what he has me have. I am putting together a list of several food items that will be added in or swapped out during Phase IV (I will list them later). I want to keep eating the same foods, but my husband says it is time to add variety, or I will never reach the goal of stable eating and stable weight and stable body health when I reach my weight goals.

He said I need to have options: 5-6 foods as options for each thing I eat normally. Five breakfast items besides yogurt, five options besides watermelon, etc, etc, etc.

Anyway, that's my update for today. See you next time!

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August 8th

Today I am 200.2 pounds!

Here are the food choices my husband has picked out for variety for me with Phase IV, based on digestion absorption, solubility, calorie content, carbohydrates, sugar, cholesterol, fat, saturated fat, protein, and sodium as well as vitamin content (compared with and including my daily vitamins). Everything is portioned out to one serving size, and then increased as needed, depending on what meal/snack it is used in.

Fresh and/or Frozen Fruit

Watermelon, (1 cup)
Cantaloupe, (1 cup)
Blackberries, (1 cup)
Cranberries, (1 cup)
Raspberries, (1 cup)
Strawberries, (1/2 cup)

Protein/Meat Products

Boneless, skinless chicken breast, (4 oz)
Boneless, skinless turkey breast, (1 oz) - due to sodium content
Tilapia Fish, skinless/scaleless, (1 fish)
Rainbow trout, skinless/scaleless, (4 oz)
Halibut with skin/no scales, (4 oz)
Hard-Boiled Egg Whites (large eggs), (1 egg)


Potatoes, (1 medium - no skin) - I hate the skin and give it to him to eat all the time.
Sweet Potatoes, (1 medium - no skin)
Tomatoes, (1 small)
Iceberg Lettuce, (1 cup)
Cucumbers, (1/2 cup with peel)
Green Beans, (1/2 cup)
Broccoli, (1/2 cup)
Cauliflower, (1/2 cup)
Brussel Sprouts, (1/2 cup)
Carrots, (1/2 cup)
Fried Bean Sprouts, (1 cup) - no oil
Cherry Tomatoes, (5 each)


Fiber One 90 calorie Lemon Bars, (1 bar)
Nature Valley Granola Bars, (2 bars/pack)
Blue Bell Strawberry Fruit Bar, (1 bar)
Blue Bell Peach Fruit Bar, (1 bar)
Blue Bell Lime Fruit Bar, (1 bar)


Garlic Powder, (1 tsp)
Onion Powder, (1 tsp)
Mrs. Dash Original salt-free seasoning, (1 tsp)
Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb salt-free seasoning, (1 tsp)
Mrs. Dash Onion & Herb salt-free seasoning, (1 tsp)
Mrs. Dash Chicken Grilling Blend salt-free seasoning, (1 tsp)

Dairy Products

Smart Balance Original Butter, (1 tbsp)
Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry Yogurt, (1 cup)
Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt, (1 cup)
Great Value Mild, Finely Shredded Cheddar Cheese (1/3 cup)


Progresso soup, Light Chicken Noodle, (1/2 can)
Progresso soup, Light Chicken Pot Pie, (1/2 can)
Progresso soup, Light Classic Vegetable, (1/2 can)
Progresso soup, Light Chicken Corn Chowder, (1/2 can)
Progresso soup, Light Chicken Vegetable Rotini, (1/2 can)
Progresso soup, Light Chicken and Dumpling, (1/2 can)

Water Flavoring

Kool-Aid Tropical Punch Water Flavoring, (2 ml)
Great Value Fruit Punch Water Flavoring, (2 ml)

He is currently devising a bread machine bread recipe for me (hopefully something that tastes great). He isn't the best cook, but when he puts his mind to it, he has made phenomenal recipes (like his dried beef jerky). I just have to be the one to cook them.

These foods will be used as part of the balancing act required for dieting. My husband will substitute foods throughout Phase IV, adding and removing as required, to ensure I have my balance of carbs, calories, etc. Once we have the complete devised list at any given time of my new diet routine, I can post it here so others can help benefit from them.
Edit: We had to replace my electronic scale today. Apparently, it finally wore out from my constantly checking my weight since April..haha.
The new one I am using is now a Wal-Mart purchased Healthometer LED Split Mat Bath Scale. Low-end, but it works. Fortunately, it seems to match my weight like the old one did this morning..whew. I'd hate to think what I'd have to do if the weights didn't match!
Anyway, that's my update for today. See you next time!

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Wink Very Nice!

Kudos to you! 35 pounds lost is a great achievement!

Pretty good stuff you have going on there. Very complex.
I hope it works out for you. It sounds like your husband should market whatever he is doing when he's done.
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It looks like a balanced diet and it's working!

If there's any marketing, it would be called 'spam.'

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