increased work hours and mental status...

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Default increased work hours and mental status...

I am a telemarketer, till last month I used to work 7 hrs a day sitting job. My employer changed work culture and from this month we are allowed to work from home too as we are working with 'HTC's android phones' with 'My Sales Dialer' application. I can continue my job from mobile phone. so my one place sitting condition is changed. As to get incentives my work hour increased to 12-13 Hrs. but now my condition is different I am facing various health problems. is it due to changed working conditions or because of increased work hours? or it not related to my job at all? I don't know... but now I am trying to reduce my working time to 10 Hrs max..
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It's probably stress related due to automated calling of people that are registered on the Do Not Call List, like myself.
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Sorry to hear about all the stress. How about you post your telephone number here and we'll all give you a call and chat about it. What time do you eat dinner?
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Various health problems could be just about anything. Probably you are just getting older. It happens.

So you just have to meet a certain amount of calls and in between you are doing other stuff? I don't see how you are working for 13 hours straight unless you are working fewer days.
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I guess there are the pros and cons of telecommuting. Of course, he advantage is you can work at your own pace which seems to be more workable for some. The disadvantage of course is trouble with the system you are using. Like me, I am not the techy type so, most of the time, I'd depend with our IT personnel even to the simplest thing possible. When you work at home, it would be a breeze working at home if you have a reliable assistance from your main office.
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It helps relieve stress to move and stretch. This you can do at home now that you have that freedom! I'm sorry you work so many hours.

You would think that adding a little bit of walking and a stretch would add time to your day but it only has to be two or three minutes every hour. You can walk, step outside and breathe some fresh air, stretch. If you're indoors, put some music on to lighten your mood. Then, back to work.
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continuously sitting in front of a computer screen could cause of a stress and bad health so u have to give time to ur health
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To stay full of strength and energy, always give your body healthy nutrients, a little care, and keep exercising, these are my secret tips. But also do not miss an important component such as psychological health. Because your general condition and the condition of the whole organism as a whole depend on psychological health. Do some research on your general condition and use By following this simple trick, you will be able to get your mental and physical state in shape and be able to stay fresher and more active during the day.

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I am very familiar with sedentary work and I want to tell you that there is nothing good about it. I think you should pay attention to the little things around you first of all.
Personally, I love flowers very much, I even paid for a "bouquet for every month" service from And every month I get a new and beautiful bouquet, which pleases me and my colleagues.
This makes me feel great in the workplace.

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