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Trying to Improve my Mental State by changing my Diet!

Trying to Improve my Mental State by changing my Diet!


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Default Trying to Improve my Mental State by changing my Diet!

So after one full year of "finding myself", reading up on self-help books and articles to improve my mood and motivation and decrease my anxiety in order to live a fuller life, as well as my own professional studies in the field of psychology and my own bout with therapy, I continue to find myself (while mentally healthier) weak, faint, and generally shaky most of the time (the same feelings I am starting to wonder that have contributed to my negative feelings in the past). Finally, I started to take a long hard look at my eating habits and noticed I was a mess. Stress Eating, lack of physical exercise, obsession with improving my mental state while ignoring the OBVIOUS importance of taking care of my self physically, etc. I decided to start tracking my food intake in order to see if I was getting all of the vitamins and minerals I need to help my body stay awake, energetic, alert, and just generally healthy. I have come very close to fainting a few times per month in the past three years through graduate school to find time and again through blood tests that I have no medical problems (thank god). However, I continue to come up deficient in Vitamins (different ones at different times). So starting today, I have documented my food intake only to find I am deficient in many essential vitamins and minerals at the end of every day. How could this be! My obsession with carbs? My seven year Pescetarian reign? While the answer is still unclear, I am finally starting to realize perhaps these faint and dizzy spells are due to my eating habits (DUH! One Master's degree later I have figured out a fundamental, basic principal of life my mental health textbooks must have distracted me from).

So now I begin the process of truly understanding what I put into my body, what I am failing to put into my body, and how the changes I start to make might help me improve my energy and focus levels.

If anyone has advice on how changing their eating habits have changed their mental state or energy levels I'd be appreciative of the advice as I am excited about this new plan of mine (nothing new I am sure, but new for me!)
If anyone who is a Pescatarian has had similar problems with feeling faint and dizzy and have found changing their diet on a budget has helped them your encouragement would be appreciated. Thanks!
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