Cooking Accident

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Lightbulb Cooking Accident

I thought because it just happened to me two minutes ago that it make a good forum thread. I thought it was funny when I found it. Tell "oops" moments in/out of the kitchen.

I was boiling some eggs and thought I turned the burner down low enough. Went into my room to check my tumblr, facebook, and do my fitday stuff. Kinda forgot about the eggs and heard a popping sound from the kitchen. I thought that maybe my roommate's cat jumped on the counter near the stove and some how knocked the off.
Ran in the kitchen to find all the water boiled out and one of the eggs exploded open. My kitchen now smells like cooked eggs.

Good side to it I was able to save the other egg.
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Well glad nothing came of it, did you ruin the pot? Fitday is getting dangerous, yesterday I was so busy logging in my food I forgot to eat my supper. It was still in the microwave when I got up. It wasn't as salvageable as your egg.
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I love tortilla chips, but have to stay away from them to lose weight. But I discovered these corn tortillas with 40 calories each, so I quarter them and spritz them with a little cooking spray, a little taco seasoning, spread them out on a baking sheet and in about 10-15 minutes at 350 deg F, I have low cal, low fat, diet friendly tortilla chips. Yummy. Well one day I was really hungry and the kids were wolfing down chips out of the bag, so I decided to rush the diet chips along and put them under the broiler. I did not get tortilla chips that day, instead I got a small fire on my favorite baking sheet and the inside of my oven dusted by a fire extinguisher. What a mess.
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Gahh, I have sooo many cooking accidents it's hard to pick just one. But the most infamous has to be when we decided to do home made funnel cakes.

I googled for a good recipe. Printed out all the instructions and bought all the materials. Heated up the oil and we were READY TO GO!! Yeah, the oil got too hot and when I poured the batter, it immediately smoked up the entire house. We did everything we knew and nothing would get the smoke out. We opened windows, turned on all the ceiling fans and even opened the front and back doors with the screens up. It took forEVER to clear. And my luck, it was winter time. So not only did we have a smoky house, but a COLD smoky house.

It was the very last time we ever tried to do funnel cakes. Now we wait til the Fall and get them at the County Fair
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My worst was when I was attempting to make pizza using light italian flatout flatbread. I'd done it a dozen times before. Spritz with oil toast on a pizza stone in the oven til crispy, add sauce and toppings and throw it back in the oven under the broiler to melt the cheese. It is a great low carb way to satisfy my pizza cravings.

Well, on this occasion, I had heavier veggie toppings, and when I tried to transfer the pizza from the pizza stone in the oven to the cutting board I was using as an improvised pizza paddle, the pizza fell. It landed on the open door and got into the door crack and all into the hinges. There were a few flare ups as toppings bounced onto the heating elements in the bottom of the stove. It was a nasty mess to clean up, and I couldn't salvage any of the pizza.
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Originally Posted by Kay_in_PA View Post
It was a nasty mess to clean up, and I couldn't salvage any of the pizza.
I'm not sure which part of this is worse !
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