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Small does not necessarily mean they need less walks. I have a 25-pound Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle mix) and he was extremely high energy, requiring several walks and a daily trip to the dog run to let off steam until he was about 11 years old. Once he turned 12 he mellowed out but he is 14 now and still has the energy level of a 6 year old! I would steer clear of the Terrier group actually. Someone mentioned Shi Tzu, which is a good idea. Also, although you can generally predict a dog's behavior by their breed, every dog is different. Like people, dogs have their own personalities and I'm sure when you meet the right dog you'll know.

Jacqueline, I think it is just wonderful that you are going to get an older dog! Everyone wants puppies but older dogs are so much less hassle and getting one through Petfinder is such a good way to go. I know several people who have gotten their dogs on Petfinder and they are fantastic companions!

Keep us posted when you decide the time is right... and I'll want to see pictures.

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I'd look for a laid back dog. If you are going with an adult dog you should be able to see his personality. I picked my last dog because she sat back and waited while the rest of the litter scrambled all over. Turned out to be a good choice for me. I think each breed has it's calm dogs and relaxed dogs however some breeds are more apt to be calm. My Bouvier was a great dog, however I know others who have had problems with the same breed. Good luck and make your decision on the dog more than the breed. Mary
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Waiting sounds like an excellent choice, as does going with a mature rescue dog.
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Default Update....

Thank you all for your input.

Mom finally got her dog. Many compromises were taken along the journey. She got a 6 month (not as mature as we would have liked) english bulldog from a rescue. He has been with us 2 weeks now and is settling nicely (for a puppy). He has bursts of energy about 2-3 times a day and a walk around the block seems to settle hime right down. He walks very well on leash, is not distracted by the enviroment (animals, people or cars). We brought in Bark Busters as she was more comfortable with in-home puppy classes - rather than community classes. They are working really well together. The dog and his personality seem to be a really good fit for her.

Wishing you all happy days and years with your animal friends. Thanks again for the ideas and support.
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Bubbs, glad to hear it's all sorted and that she and the puppy are getting along well. 6 months sound like an excellent age.

Originally Posted by mtlgirl View Post
Small does not necessarily mean they need less walks. I have a 25-pound Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle mix) and he was extremely high energy, requiring several walks and a daily trip to the dog run to let off steam until he was about 11 years old.
25lb isn't a small dog (apparently above 22lb is considered medium), and it's literally five times the size of all the dogs I've lived with! They have usually all done fine with one walk around the block per day or thereabouts, and the new energetic one entertains herself the rest of the time by romping with her Pomeranian friend and rushing around the garden. I don't know enough terriers overall to know whether they're a bad move for someone in this situation. They do tend to be nutters, but I've known plenty of sedate ones.
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We have a cat and a dog. The parents of our Rottie were therapy dogs, bred for easy temperment. You want one that is not too submissive or aggressive. Ask a vet how to check that in a grown dog. Definitely not a puppy. The chance of it tripping your mom is too great. A medium size breed, that is quiet would be much better. Beagle maybe. Why not a cat. They seldom get underfoot. Require less care, and if your lucky you can find an affectionate one. Ours is a calico, she had 2 litters before we got her fixed and maybe that is why she is so affectionate. Loves to sit on laps and at the foot of our bed. If fed on schedule, she never gets under foot.
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