Is my testosterone my problem?

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Default Is my testosterone my problem?

As I age, I find more changes occurring than I could have ever imagined. Some of the shingles are coming off of the roof, if you know what I am saying, but that is far from the only changes I have noticed. I always heard the stories as I grew up about old men, and the strange changes that occur as we age. I have found many of these changes that I heard of as a child, and others that I was obviously too young to hear or understand.

I found that my libido was lower than ever before; the spare tire around my mid-section was growing, my hair was thinning out on my head, and that hair was showing up in other places on my body. I have never been one to accept excuses for anything, so I began to look into some things I could do in order to at least keep my body healthy and mobile, even if I am unable to stop the effects of aging.

So I know that I need to make some changes to my diet, exercise more often than I currently do, and start to understand more about how my aging body works. So I headed over to the trusty old Google box and began to do my research. I eventually came across the fact that my testosterone isn't where it used to be. I believe that making corrections in order to improve my testosterone levels will ultimately impact every other aspect of my body.

I found all sorts of information on Wikipedia at pages like 1-Testosterone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that covered a fair amount of information about what testosterone is. As I continued my research, I eventually discovered that scientists believe that men lose their libido as they grow older because of a drop in testosterone.

I have found several programs online that offer strategies and methods for increasing my testosterone. I have also found supplements, as well. Some of the methods offer all natural approaches for helping to correct my problem, while others seem to offer other methods that include prescriptions and other types of medication.

I am here looking for some tips and advice from all of you folks. Is it possible that testosterone can be a cause of poor sex life? If I improve my levels of testosterone, as well as my diet and exercise, will I be able to see a significant difference in my sex life, weight loss, and my energy levels? Do you think that increasing my levels of testosterone will make a difference? Would be better to take supplements of some type, or will it be enough to focus on my diet instead
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It is inevitable that we are all going to age.
However, it is very important to look our very best as the years progress.
These are some things that I notice make a huge difference in our appearance as we age.
1) Being active or joining a gym and staying fit (the mid area can increase quickly as we age and cause poor circulation and blockage to our private areas. Not good.
2) Healthy diet with less meat as we age
3) Lots of water for a great look and to keep all our vital organs running smoothly
4) Active sex life ( this will result when the above points are sound)
5) Reduce stress by working hard-playing hard
6) Maintaining healthy friendships not toxic ones
7) Be happy with your appearance as you age and accept the aging process with grace
(this will result in less wrinkles by worrying less)
8) Hormones become off balanced when we worry, eat poorly and stop exercising
So I guarantee you that everything will be fine once you follow the above routine and regain your confidence.
You can still be attractive at any age, if you take good care of yourself.

Hope this helps,
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