Desirable Fat:Protein:Carb Ratios

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Default Desirable Fat:Protein:Carb Ratios

Today is my first day here and I am wondering what ratios of fats to protein to carbs people are working towards and why? Thanks
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i don't really have a ratio goal, i just try to keep fat around 30%, and get over 120g of protein each day (average 2500 calories a day). if you really want a ratio this usually comes out around 45% carbs, 30% fat, 25% protein. there is no reason for this ratio, i just eat clean and this is how it ends up.
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Arrow Counting fats, carbs, and protien for the candida control diet

We are eating using a wholefoods approach ( and are trying to get our candida overgrowth under control. We have to eliminate a lot of carbs and sugars because it eats that stuff while we are killing it off. Then only in moderation. We measured the amount we eat and discovered our carbs are over an average of 20 grams a day, and the others are too low. Working on it though! Kristine
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Default Food Ratios

Where is the food ratios listings in Fitday? I need to find the food ratios that I need to lose weight. Thank you.

Originally Posted by lemonthyme
Today is my first day here and I am wondering what ratios of fats to protein to carbs people are working towards and why? Thanks
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There is no magic ratio that will make you lose weight. But there are some factors that the ratio reflects that will. Higher protein intake will help you maintain muscle while dieting. This is important because you want to lose stored fat not muscle. A certain amount of fat is needed for your body to operated efficiently. In addition fat is easier for your body to use as energy than to store as fat, and it provides a feeling of fullness when consumed. If you never fell full you will probably cheat on your diet. Carbohydrates are also needed to supply the energy your body needs. However simple carbohydrates like refined flour and refined sugar are actually easier for your body to store as fat deposits than to convert to energy. Since most of use here are trying to lose the fat these should be the foods that are consumed at a minumum. I have been tracking my diet since January 2010 and my Protein/Carb/Fat ratio is 25/35/40. However my caloric deficit is in the 500-600 range daily. I have lost 18 pounds since I started tracking. My Fat sources are all good, Olive Oil, nuts, eggs, and whole milk. The whole milk is one reason my fat ratio is higher than some others. I have it almost daily for breakfast and I believe it helps me to feel fuller so I can avoid those pesky (and high in simple carbs) donughts that always seem to show up at work. After having milk with breakfast I drink only water and coffee the rest of the day. My carbs are mostly from fruits and vegetables or complex carbs like whole grain bread. (Although I will have a pasta dish once a week.) Protein is from Protein bars, Whey shakes, eggs, nuts and meat. Keeping your calories in the 500-600 deficit daily will allow you to lose 1-1/2 to 2 pounds a week.
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From what my 6 dietitans and nutrionalist have said the best thing to do is when you input your food into the FitDay tracker-you get a pie chart

They say the pie chart should be 60% carbs 25% fat and 15% protein

I've been doing it since March 2 and have lost 10 pounds.... hope this helps
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I go by a 40C/30P/30F ratio. It was mentioned, and should be mentioned again that these ratios have nothing to due with fat loss. As long as you are burning more calories then you consume then you will lose fat.

I use this ratio because I am currently eating at a 1000 Calorie a day deficit. As such I comsume a lot of protien so that I minimize my muscle loss while I am cutting. The mix of carbs and protein help me to control my appetite and diet. When I go below on my Carbs, I crave them like crazy and when I go below the fat percentage I am constantly hungry.

Using this ratio in light of my calorie intake has helped me to comfortably lose 47lbs since November. Everyone is different though so there is no real right or wrong ratio to use.
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