How to identify GMO produce by the PLU code

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Originally Posted by VitoVino
Honestly GMO doesn't freak me out or anything, it's just one of those things I'm very weary about and given the choice I try to avoid it. Unfortunately we're at a point in history where our engineered foods are a giant, unproven experiment. 50 years from now the data will be in.
Don't you know anything about the health risk that GMO might bring? Continuing the production of GMO might overcome the production of healthy organic products.
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But if we want to get "highly technical" any hybrid vegetable or fruit is Genetically Modified, isn't it?
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This was also discussed in this thread.

Again, I wonder if people are confusing GM with mutation breeding. GM is just taking away or adding a "gene".

Radiation and chemicals are used in mutation breeding.
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Originally Posted by VitoVino
...I read somewhere that the requirements to be certified "organic" are very stringent, and the foods that receive this rating must also take into account cross contamination from GMO fields. Supposedly the organic produce must be far enough away that this can't happen . Yet it's still anyone's guess, isn't it?
This topic was a huge part of my nutrition and sustainability classes in school (pro chef). The regs for organic labeling are very strict (if you want to learn more about them look up "Organ Tilth" which is the primary regulatory board for organics), but even with the regs, there have been several cases of cross contamination due to things like a truck passing with a GMO load that contaminated the crop. Not only did this contaminate the crop, but the farmer had to destroy his full crop because it "infringed on the copy write of the GMO producer"

I heard about this more than 3 years ago, and I'm still trying to get my head around the idea that FOOD HAS A COPYWRITE There are several great documentaries on the subject if you are interested in what is really happening in our food supply...but before you check any of them out make sure you really want to know the answer, and have a strong stomach (especially if you are looking into the meat producers and packers)

Thanks for the info on the PLU codes though, I don't think that ever came up in class. We used as many local and organic suppliers as possible, and composted everything we could, but doing home shopping is a bit more complicated in its own way. is offline  

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