Vitamin B6 question

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Default Vitamin B6 question

You know how there are specific/ideal conditions under which you should take vitamin supplements (such as: with or without milk, w/w/o food, when you wake/before bed, etc)?

According to those guidelines, I am wondering under what conditions I should take my B6 supplement?

Any ideas?
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Do you take a multi vitamin? If yes, it would be best to take your B6 away from it. For example if you take a multi with breakfast than take your B6 with lunch. B vitamins are water soluble and your body will excrete what you don't use at the time. If you take them seperatly you will give your body 2 opportunities to absorb the nutrients. If you don't take a multi than take your B6 with a meal.
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Hi rradiogirl,
I find I have to the multivitamin with food, otherwise it upsets my tummy . The doc says that's best anyway.

As far as B6 goes, separating from other vitamins won't hurt, but I am not sure that it is necessary. But I would take it with food to help move it through your digestive track. It is absorbed in the middle and lower parts of the small intestine.
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This is one thing I LOVE about Fitday! I can input my food intake, click a button and see how I ate in regards to vitamins. I found I eat very well! Runbikeski, Curiosity asks me, the vitamin that makes you sick, is it the brand name One a Day? <--- just wondering because I, and several people I know had the same effect.
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