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Originally Posted by taubele View Post
I used to think I was lactose intolerant or at least had an aversion to dairy; one thing I found out through food logging is that it's completely untrue. I can chug a glass of low-fat milk and be just peachy, and I can eat ice cream and yogurt without a problem, as well as cheese. It's the fatty creamy stuff I can't eat - sauces made with dairy products - I suspect it's the oil in them! I never would have known if I hadn't just started paying attention to what went in the hole in my face, logging, writing it down! Amazing.
A very interesting observation Terri. I suspect there are a lot of people who think they are lactose or gluten intolerant, when it is, in fact, the things they are combining it with, not necessarily the lactose or gluten itself.
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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
A very interesting observation Terri. I suspect there are a lot of people who think they are lactose or gluten intolerant, when it is, in fact, the things they are combining it with, not necessarily the lactose or gluten itself.
Absolutely Pam; I can't eat alfredo sauce or really rich cream sauces on desserts, but the milk itself really isn't the problem. I suspect it's the full-on in-your-face fat; I actually believe that it's cream in general I have trouble with for whatever reason, but not necessarily the lactose.
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It's not fair I tell you. Terri goes on a diet and discovers that she isn't lactose intolerant, I on the other hand have discovered that I'm intolerant to beer, corn, lactose and my oatmeal issues are a whole lot worst than I realized. And don't even get me started on my wheat observations. OY!

I will say that before I started doing all this I had constant stomach issues, I had heartburn morning, noon and night. On top of that every night I would lay in bed and belch and belch and belch and the problems were getting worse all the time. I was starting to think I had some sort of progressive stomach disease. Anyway one of the best things about watching my calories pretty close is that now I know for a fact once I'm up over 2,500-2,800 any given day I get the belching issue again, especially if I've eaten a lot of those calories after lunch. Funny when it was every day I thought I was growing a tumor, but now I know it's just plain old fashioned indigestion from over eating.

Not to hi-jack the thread, I thought the article was very interesting. I do wonder how honest or accurate the data was, since it sounds like the participants only answered questions a few times/year. It might prove really informative if you took logs from fitday users over the same length of time. Anybody have ties to Harvard?

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Default pass the yogurt

thank you for posting this article. great information. now pass the yogurt! (fortunately, i love it).
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Sorry to go OT here too but before I started tracking what I ate and was just overeating all the time I had IBS. Even was medicated for it previously with no help. Sometimes all it would take is smelling food cooking to send me running. Couldn't go out to eat with out stopping somewhere on the way home to use the bathroom. No specific food type could be pinpointed to cause it either.

Now that I am paying attention to what I eat...I got about every 3 days or so...Hope that is normal! LOL

Okay, back on topic... I love yogurt and may have to start incorporating some nuts in there too. I am not a big nut fan though. I find most to be too dry for my liking unless something bad is added to them LOL
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Smile Great read...

Thanks very much. Good info...
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Originally Posted by nottango View Post
Really interesting! Thanks for posting. Glad I love yogurt and peanut butter!
peanut butter is my one of the most favorite thing i love to eat.........
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