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Default Nutrition stats

A new day. I create a ‘new food’ for my new supplemental vitamin tab. I enter the vitamins and minerals, one by one, according to the label on the bottle.
Then I add my new food to my foods for the day.
Then I check my nutritional intake.
!!! MOST of the vitamins and minerals are about 1/2 of the numbers I just added when I created the ‘new food’!!!
For example: I get:
117% of my RDA of Vitamin A per the vitamin bottle,
54% on FitDay’s nutrition chart.

Any explanations, anyone????
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Interesting. I just did a test. I put in 100% for Vitamin B12 and it worked as it should. Then I tried 100% for Vitamin A, and you are correct. It cut the amount about in half.

There are a LOT of errors on this program. I put up a thread below and I don't expect to get an answer. Every food that is cooked in water this program adds a ton of sodium. I just cooked pasta that had zero sodium on the box. I ate 2 cooked cups and this program calculated over 400mg of sodium. I don't know if they assume you add a lot of salt to the water or what. But I steam veggies, so there is no touching of the water. I guess since this program isn't generating any money, nobody is concerned with the accuracy.
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