How can you stay healthy and fit?

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Default How can you stay healthy and fit?

Drinking sufficient amount of water helps you to stay healthy. Exercising makes you to stay healthy. Have nutritional foods, fruits and avoid having foods from outside. Always be active and confidence about your health. I am writer working at custom essay writing service fore more than 7 years
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What i always recommend is a glass of warm/hot detox water (lemon + ginger or just lemon), you drink before breakfast, it boosts your metabolism, as a result you maintain your weight and have energy during the day. This is from my own experience. Once a season i make a juice cleanse menu for 1 day where i replace all my meals with high fiber juices -> parley+ broccoli+ applce + cabbage or cold green tea+apple+lemon. It helps to detox your body and to do it once a season is not very challenging, is it?

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To stay fit,you have to exercise daily and follow some protein diet which helps you to maintain your body.
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Walk more than drive. Climb stairs more than taking the elevator. Drink loads of water. After a cup of coffee, drink double the amount in water. Enjoy the simple things in life. Practice gratitude, especially when we are missing a certain food we don't want to eat.
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As per mine experience drinking more water & exercise always help in staying healthy.
I would recommend to use BPA free water bottles instead of plastic bottles, because these bottles affect our body badly.
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  1. Practice Long, Slow Eating. 1 of 21. ...
  2. Go All DIY. 2 of 21. ...
  3. Plan Ahead. 3 of 21. ...
  4. Eat Often. 4 of 21. ...
  5. Repeat Yourself. 5 of 21. ...
  6. Don't Drink Sugar. 6 of 21. ...
  7. Veg—and Fruit—Up. 7 of 21. ...
  8. What's Your Intake? 8 of 21.
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Okay, that's going to be a very short answer, but the answer to such question should be so long and depends on multiple factors.
Here are some tips that I follow:
- Getting enough sleep, about 7-8 hours a day.
- Getting the proper nutrition based on your target weight and whether you need to lose, gain, or maintain your weight.
- Exercising & doing some strength training to maintain a proper metabolic rate.
There's also this article that I've recently read about increasing your metabolic rate Delete

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Well, thats an interesting question normally asked by different people. Actually, there are different ways to have an healthy life. I think one should focus on proper diet, drink clean water, take fresh fruits and vegetables. I think one should take proper and regular exercise so that he may stay healthy. One of my friend told me link removed and i think you should also try it. Those who have some free time should think about some outdoor games like football, cricket etc etc.

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Core and Stability Training – Steps to fitness

Most people tend to exercise to lose weight and maintain a healthy B M I, though, there are lesser known benefits of a simple core and stability training that not only help you attain a flatter tummy but also help strengthen your neck, back and your posture. In the present day, people have no choice but to work before computer screens for long hours and also, our unhealthy diets and eating habits tend to lead us to a vast array of problems where neck and back ailments are most prominent of the issues. Even when it comes to exercising, not choosing the right exercise by your body type and your physical needs can sometimes act to your disadvantage and give rise to more issues than before.

Technique and knowledge make up an essential component of exercising to avoid any injury. Regular core stability exercise is not only about abs; it improves your back muscle strength but also helps you attain a better posture while getting rid of a plaguing pain in the back. Moreover, core exercises are also known to strengthen your abdominal muscles and in turn alleviate menstrual cramps, what a bonus!Power Through These Core Exercises!

Here are a few easy but promising exercises that help strengthen your core:
  • Plank:

    Shift your weight onto your elbows directly under your shoulders and hold in this position for 30 seconds and gradually build on your endurance as you strengthen your core. Make sure your posture is aligned. If you face any difficulty, you can choose to drop your knees to the ground for more support.
  • Side Plank:

    This exercise is similar to a plank but sideways. Lay your weight on the elbow while maintaining a 45 degree angle from the floor.
  • High Plank:

    For beginners, this might look much easier than the plank but it works just as effectively as it works on your core. Hold in this position for 30 seconds and gradually build on your endurance as you move along.
  • Leg raises:

    Leg raises while in the plank position adds on to your endurance. Alternate between your right and left foot in intervals.
  • Reverse crunches:

    If you are familiar with crunches, this is the exercise for you! Place your hands on the ground and then raise your legs and position them perpendicular to the ground. Then proceed to raise your legs into the air. Repeat this in sets of 5-10 at a time depending on your endurance levels and gradually build on the count.
You can look up for more exercises that strengthen your core and incorporate them into your routine to reap the benefits of a good core and stability workout.

These no equipment exercises and are not only convenient but also pave your path to a stronger back. Power through these exercises today and experience the change for yourselves.

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Thanks for the useful tips. I want to lose some weight and I keep on a healthy diet now. Also I want to make a few procedures of coolsculpting in MedSpa NYC to get rid of fat cells and lift my skin. My best friend made coolsculpting procedures there last year and she looks so gorgeous now.

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