Which vitamins are correct?

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Default Which vitamins are correct?

Everywhere I look I notice that people have found the same inconsistencies that I have regarding the b vitamins on the food list; the lack of sugar, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and (another I've noticed) chromium on the nutrition information spots. I was thrilled when I found this site a few days ago and began entering all my information. I had a gastric bypass 9 years ago and due to this, don't absorb all my nutrients properly-especially B vitamins. So how can I find out if I really am getting 200% of my RDA, or if I'm actually shorting myself?

Short of solving the world's computer complaints, lol!, can anyone recomment a multi-vitamin that is not too expensive, but easily absorbable (is that even a word,? ha! ha!)? It would be very helpful if I could boost my energy by getting the appropriate nutrients!

P.S. I would love to have the nifty signature for my posts, but don't know how, can anyone advise the computer illiterate?
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Smile From A to Zinc ;)

Hello! I joined FitDay on the 13th. Like you I still have not figured out the signature part.. unless I just copy and paste of course.

I am taking Centrum.. from A to Zinc. I looked at a lot of different vitamins and Centrum had a majority of the minerals I was lacking in my diet.

My Dr. advised me last year.. the most easily absored vitamins are the liquid ones. Beware though, the smell and taste are very STRONG!! I myself couldnt handle it.
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Default Signature is found in "quick links"

The only advice I can give regarding a multivitamin is that based on my own experience. In one of the Atkins books, he gave the ingredients and amounts of his first phase Atkins brand multivitamin. I took that list to GNC with me and compared it with several multivitamins on the shelf. I found that the GNC brand Mens Mega was very close in most of the values and for only half the cost of the Atkins brand multivitamin. As far as I can tell, Atkins brand doesn't even make a multivitamin anymore, but I am still sticking with that GNC one.

As far as the signature goes, I had been copying and pasting for months until I just stumbled on to it last week. If you look at the blue menu bar just above here, you will see "User CP," "New Posts," "Search," "Quick Links," and "Log Out." Under "quick links" is where you can edit your signature.
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Thumbs up

Thanks Dave - found it!
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Talking Does anyone know how to log your vitamins in FitDay Foods?

I take a multi vitamin plus a few others like Omega 369, extra Vitamin D etc. I can't figure out how to translate those vitamins into a custom food. They have very few calories, but in trying to get a more accurate picture of my total nutrition, I am lost as to how to get this information into my daily food intake log. Anyone have an answer for me?
Many thanks
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You can create a custom food where you put all your vitamins per day. Consider however that vitamins in supplements may be less absorbed by our body compared to those in foods.
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I think that it pays to take high quality supplements. Most people buy inexpensive supplements thinking why pay more? But its true that we can't absorb the lower quality ones. In general, capsules are better than tablets or caplets. I trust Twinlabs brand for capsules. I also take liquid and powder supplements that work.

Juicing rocks!
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I use NatureMade vitamins, calcium and women's multi. I've been pretty happy with them, and they had great customer support back in the day when I was responsible for stocking over-the-counter pharmacy. It's been my experience that companies who give a crap about customer service are usually the ones who make better products.
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Talking I found these vitamins

Hello everyone...

I'm new here and trying to get healthy. I've taken vitamins off and on throughout the years but I've decided to get fit and stay fit. I know vitamins are important and I started writing about my experience. I found these and I want to order but maybe it's overkill....custommultivitamin
Has anyone heard of this product or tried it?


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Optisource chewables are the best for gastric. You can order online from Walgreens.
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