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Default Newcomer looking for "peer pressure" - is there a friends/similar system on FitDay?

So I signed up today and am trying to reverse the last two years of self-destruction, and my girlfriend and I are trying to use each other as a support framework, as I've always heard that doing this with people is more likely to yield results than going alone.

I've looked around the site today and started to input some data and it seems super well thought-out and clever with the "calorie budget" approach, as well as showing the data as far as energy expended/nutrition types ingested. But one thing I feel would really help to motivate me is seeing my data overlaid with a friend's, or access to their data, as I feel someone else "judging me" would be far more incentive to ensure I maintain self-discipline than only letting myself down - after all, I wouldn't be the fat mess I am now if I cared about letting myself down.

So, the point: is there any functionality like this, where I can add a friend and allow them to see my data? Or allow them/myself to overlay our data and compare respective weight loss/calorie defecit goals on the same graph? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I've looked around and can't see anything to indicate that this is the case. If there isn't, are there any plants to implement something similar in the future?
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I don't know of any functionality like that in Fitday but there is a thread in the Women' Section :'7 day motivational thread' where members post their goals and hold themselves accountable to the others their. Might serve the purpose and your friend can join too!

Male, Age 53 Height 5'-11"
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January 21, 2010. ....,...255.0 lbs (Joined Fitday)
September 10, 2010..,..223.8 lbs. (-46.2lbs)
Mini-Goal......................225 Achieved 9/21/2012
Mini-Goal......................220 Achieved 10/26/2012
Current.........................216.2 lbs. (-53.8 lbs)

My log: http://www.fitday.com/fitness/Public...Owner=rpmcduff
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Welcome to FitDay! Yes, you can add friends but as Ron pointed out it sounds like the 7 day thread is up your alley. Feel free to jump on in. Everyone there is very supportive... and then you have me. I'm the only guy that posts up there and even though I'm far from being a woman, I think they all think of me as one of them.

I'll see if I can remember how to add friends and let you know if you are still interested. You can also make your log public as Ron has and post it up or put in in your signature. Just let me know if you need anything.
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