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Red face new and searching for.........

I am new to having to lose weight, for the first time. I started my family 8 years ago. and every thing in life became about my boyfriend and our child, then and year later it became about our children, then six years later I have my third baby. My newest, is almost 3 months old. I am 24 and need to lose weight for me and it would be nice to keep up with all my kids.

Plus i am have a little pressure from some one close to me. They tell me "A man can be over weight, but for a women its different." I laugh it off a that moment, but can't look at my self later in the mirror. I try not to get pulled into the negativity but it's very hard for me, not to feel sad sometimes. About me putting my own needs last and putting every one else's first for the past 8 years. But I want to change in my life.

So if any one wants a diet buddy or just want to talk, I really need friend. I keep myself locked in this house night and day. I don't like the out side because of bad experience, with my weight and rude people.

Please I need advice on dieting and friends, so I push comments from people closest to me away.

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Sounds like you need to regain your confidence. You life can be all about your family and you can still feel good about you too. You just need to do some work on you to get back to feeling good about you and then you will be even better for everyone else in your family. Take is slow & easy. These things will not happen overnight. You didn't get to whatever size you are now in a month so don't expect to lose the weight that quickly either. There are lots of people here who can help support you and help to keep you accountable for your goals. Just remember that this is not "All or Nothing". That is the biggest downfall I had before. I would eat one wrong thing and say the heck with it and just go on a downward spiral. Hope you stick around and be an active member. It sounds like you could really use some advice.
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Red face

Thank you I would like to keep talking with you, you seem very nice and will keep me accountable. That's something I diffidently need right now
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You could also post for a diet buddy here, as well if you'd like:


Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions
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