Need help staying positive!

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Unhappy Need help staying positive!

Hello all!

I just joined and am looking for ways to keep positive while I try to lose weight. I find I often get bogged down in feeling bad about myself and it throws a real curveball in my attempts to lose weight. For example, I recently joined a gym but found myself feeling depressed while working out- all those mirrors showing me just how much weight I've gained and all those other people looking so good and being so strong . It would almost bring me to tears I know I should have been proud for doing something towards changing myself, but I just couldn't silence that negative voice in my head! Does anyone else ever feel this way and how do you overcome it???
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Zone out by listening to your favorite music. If that doesn't work, don't go to the gym and stay at home for working out until you feel better about yourself.
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The "negative voice" thing is hard, and some days I think it's easier to reason with it (that is, make it shut up) then others. In terms of working out, I also struggled with the negative voice. This is what I did: when that voice would start in ("look at how big you got, this is hopeless, why are you even bothering," etc.), I would acknowledge it, and then "respond" to it by saying (in my mind) a variety of things, usually along the lines of: "Yup, I'm fat, and that's why I'm doing this," "It's only hopeless if I quit," "I'm fat, and I'm worth the effort not to be fat anymore." Here's the thing, and I know it's hard to believe now, but the truth is that the more you exercise/eat right consistently, the softer and softer and more infrequent that voice becomes. By accepting responsibility and taking action, you're no longer giving that voice much of a leg to stand on. It's a matter of taking that negative energy and focusing it to positive actions/behaviors. Not an easy feat for any of us. But possible? You better believe it.

I also agree with Vito; if the gym mirrors are getting you down - find an activity you like doing that's outside of the gym. I don't like the gym, so I have been consistently working out primarily at home for almost 2 years now. It works for me.

As a parting note, I was actually talking about the "negative voice" thing with my mom just last night. And the realization we came to is that, shockingly, things just don't get accomplished when you treat yourself like crap. If you constantly berate and belittle someone, chances are s/he won't make positive changes or even feel like s/he can change. Bottom line? Accept responsibility for the state you're in (whatever that is), accept that it is in your power to change it, and do it!
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I find that I'm much more concious of the "negative voice" and immediately say something positive.
My gym is a 15 dollar a month gym full of young 20 somethings with their cute little bodies, some of them are serious about being there but a ton of them are there for the reduced tanning bed fees.
I am probably one of the biggest and oldest members. I get stared at all the time, do I know what they are thinking no not really. I could be in negative mode and say they are saying wow she's fat and old and look at her belly jiggle while she runs. But I don't, they might be saying good for her for changing her health cuz actually I don't give a tinker's cuss about what they say and certainly I too am not happy with the mirror image I see in those floor to ceiling mirrors but keep your eye on the goal. My Mum used to say choose your attitude. Think of the way you will be, self visualization is what you have to practice.
Nothing gets me more excited that doing an arm curl slow and watch my muscles react. Look at the beauty in your body no matter what size you are. Sorry for ranting but you have made the decision to get healthier and I applaud you for that.
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I am thinking about joining the hospital gym. I got diabetes last week and happened to see the gym. It is for people who aren't athletic, the people might have had a stroke or heart attack so more comfortable in a hospital gym. The staff might be nicer too, some in a gym are not pleasant. The rooms have blinds and you can't really see the pool from the hall. They have aqua aerobics several times a day including two after I am off work. It cost a little more than a regular gym but I am thinking it over. I have an open sore now so don't want to join yet.

I am a fat old women and even if I lose weight and get in the best shape I can will still never be young and look great in workout gear.

My goal is to lose 100-125lbs and control blood sugar and blood pressure not to look good.
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Hey sweety,
Just wanted to throw my two cents in. I'm fairly certain that we all get that voice once in a while and more times then not i think our own voice is much harsher then the private thoughts anyone around us must be thinking.
I agree with many here, do your best to block out the voice with music or hey even talk back to it! ( however probably best not to do that load when in public)

I my self have joined the gym a few times and yeah it never really felt comfortable to me so now I work out at home, go rollerblading around the block, walks at the park, Things that i feel a bit more comfortable doing and don't mind people seeing me do.

As for motovation I think you will find this site and the people here to more then welcoming and help keep you on track. Sometimes All it takes it a few people to believe in you to help keep you going.
I wish you the best and look forward to seeing you become the person you want to be inside and out!

Much love~ tal <3
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