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Default One day at a time...

Hey all! I have been lurking around the forums, and decided to actually post my newbie thread as everyone here seems so encouraging!

My story:

Entering high school I was a bit on the larger side (about 185 lbs and 5’9, but NO muscle). For a few months of my freshman year , I refrained from eating a lot (usually just ate an apple or piece of bread per day) and of course lost a lot of weight very quickly. Such habits cannot be sustained for very long, so as soon as I started eating again, although I was not overeating, I gained weight back quickly. So, for my whole high school career I just ate very little and maintained about 130 lbs (I also grew and inch). After graduation, I started to eat out a lot more as that was where people go together now that school was not the social gathering place. I tried to just eat a little or choose something healthy, but that is very hard to do when friends are shoving stuffed potato skins in your face and you have only one ounce of self control. During this time, I was a somewhat active person. My retail job required me to be on my feet for most of the day, and I enjoyed hiking on my days off so luckily I did not gain too much. Until… I met my current boyfriend.

I know that studies have been done showing that having a steady relationship makes you gain weight- and I believe them. We went out to eat much too often and our hanging out with friends often happened at the bar. Again, we stayed fairly active so the weight did not shoot up overnight. As I got a bit older, my metabolism started slowing up so even though I had not changed the amount I ate or exercised, I seemed to be gaining more. We also bought a house and because of that financial commitment had more job related stress than when we had little responsibilities which ate up my time and motivation. Anyways, I packed on a few pounds and was up to about 165 lbs. I will be honest, when looking at a thin, well dressed and well manicured person, I assume that they are motivated and successful. When I look at an overweight person, who may be just as well dressed and well manicured, I assume that they are lazy. I truly hope I offend no one as I know that is not always the case and there are many different reasons/issues why a person has become overweight, and I know it can be very hard to overcome. Anyways, I decided that in order to promote myself at work and become more successful, I would need to look the part.

The next day, I went to the small farmers market near my work and picked up a week’s worth of fresh fruit and vegetables. I planned out recipes for dinner so that we did not end up going for pizza (again!) and tried to keep my portions under control. I told myself to just keep it up for a month and if it was not working out, I would try something else. It of course worked and on top of losing a few pounds, I felt amazing. It was clear my body was not getting enough nutrients from the constant take out! I had also gotten a puppy, so daily walks became part of my regime (and the puppy did not let me forget that).

Unfortunately, I am the only one among my group of friends that feels the same way about being fit and healthy so I have somewhat alienated myself from them. The activities that I enjoy no longer seem to mesh up with theirs, so we do not hang out very often anymore. My BF is extremely supportive and sometimes tries to take join me in exercise and healthy eating, but his job schedule is erratic and long, and when he gets home, just wants to relax. I invite my friends along when I go out, but very seldom does anyone join me. When they get together, there is usually drinking involved and I really just do not like getting wasted these days (calorie and hangover-wise) so I feel like an outsider (and honestly, I like my dog better than I do most people anyways). I am hopeful that this forum can provide a bit of the support that I am lacking and give me the motivation to just keep going. It would be very easy to give into the temptation, but unfortunately I am one of those people who “cannot have just one”. I will fall off the wagon if I let myself slip up badly and I know it would take a long time to get back where I am. So, thank you for letting me get this off my chest!

Also, I was thumbing through several of the other threads and congratulations to all of you! I saw some pretty impressive weight loss figures floating around out there and commend you for sticking to it (I know how hard it is!).
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Welcome to the forums. Sounds like you have a pretty good understanding of what it takes to attain your goals. Lots of great people and support here. If you have any questions just ask.
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Although my story is different than yours, I have also had issues with being alienated by friends, mostly because we all used to be roughly the same size and now I'm about 1/2 of that. Anyway it was really uncomfortable at first, but we're getting past it. But I can still see the way they roll their eyes (or want to) when I get riled up about some diet or nutrition issue.

Trust me when I say this, eventually you will meet other like-minded people near where you live. They will be at the same places you are, the farmer's market, the health food store, the local gym, the fitness classes, etc etc. It just takes time that's all.
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haha, i have a similar story. went from 210 to 155 in highschool and since ive been gaining it back, losing a little, gaining a little.. more gaining then losing lately and now im almost back at where i was T_T

i cant seem to muster the long term determination to lose 50 pounds again, i guess its cause im not a kid anymore

anyway, good luck losing your weight again! i believe in u c:
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