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Cool New to the forum

Just finished 24 sessions with a personal trainer and did not drop one pound??
I started at 265,with the hope of losing at least 10 pounds thru the sessions.
I am on a relatively low calorie intake for my size 2200 versus 3100 allowed.
My metabolism seems slow,so I am having my thyroid,and other things checked by my doctor. Stopped smoking 7 months ago,which didn't help my weight.
Anyway,does anyone have any feedback about what could be going on that I don't lose any weight even after relatively strenuous workout sessions???
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I'd give it time. What the personal trainer is doing is getting your muscles up to speed so you'll be more likely to be active and find it easier to be active.

People feel more active when they lose weight. This effect is there whether you lose weight eating shredded cabbage, or the Hamptons Diet, or the Drinking Man's Diet, or the Prudent Diet (all blasts from the past).

But it's a great intensifier of that effect when you actually have some muscle to do some of the things you are better able to do with less weight on your bones.

Bottom line: working out is worth it. It's just part of the equation but it's important (also for other reasons that have nothing to do with weight loss!).

Are you measuring your food and logging every bit accurately? Measuring accurately? It's a drag, it takes time, but it can be simplified in lots of ways: have multiple measuring cups, prepare food and measure, then bag the food in ziploc bags so that later, when you're hungry, you'll be able to just eat it instead of measuring before you eat. Having a scale you really, really like is good, too. Right on the counter, ready to measure stuff.

Are you drinking enough water? If not, you may be retaining water, which is why many diets work very quickly in the beginnning. You don't lose, you don't lose, and then suddenly, the scale shows you've lost!

If these suggestions don't help, have you considered seeing a dietician? Most people who spring for a trainer are also receptive to listening to a dietician's assessment of what the food choices are and what's happening with the weight.

It takes a lot of activity to lose weight. Just moving more in general. Then, it takes a lot of focus to watch food (most people don't like to measure, I've found...) and it's easy to overestimate activity's caloric expenditure and underestimate food intake!

Finally, it just takes time! Beware of the sales jobs about diets: oh, this kind of diet takes weight off quickly. It may. Then it comes back and ouch, that really DOES hurt. And the quick loss is not all the weight you want to lose, either, it's just the start. Again, it's usually water weight.

I heard a great thing in an interview with Tom Venuto (a trainer/ coach). He said he doesn't understand why people think Americans have a hard time losing weight. ALL diets have a poor track record when it comes to keeping off the weight (WW does offer incentives to keep you on track, in terms of lifetime memberships for people to keep the weight off...) The problem we have is keeping the weight lost from coming back. That means: we lost weight in the first place!

This is tremendously insightful - I've also heard it at a WW meeting, expressed slightly differently - because nearly every person who's got a problem losing weight has lost weight before, sometime. Maybe it was just a few pounds, but they lost it. Maybe it was lot of pounds, but they lost it. But could they keep it off?

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