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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
I can't say that I've met every runner on the planet, but I haven't met one yet that didn't have one of those days when the thought of 1 more long run brought tears to their eyes. Yeah, I've seen plenty of smiley runners... after they are finished with the run !

"the reason I run??? it feels so good when I stop"
how did you start running? Was it always easy for you or did you really have to start small?
Fitday re-re-start date: 1/03/13
height: 5'3
re-start wt: 136
Current wt: 136
goal wt: 120 even 125 by 4/27/13...when i do my first half marathon

the reason i do it: http://www.kim-inge.com/
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Default Ah, running

I have been running off and on for 30 years (yup kind of an old timer here). I have stopped 3 times thinking that my "running career" was over for a variety of reasons, including that I was just getting too old to begin again.

At somewhere around age 45 I decided to hell with the age thing and invested the time and energy into it to get pretty good. I definitely started slowly. In point of fact I have always loved to walk and can walk for miles and miles. So I started interjecting running into the walks. Maybe a block at a time. Then I started setting more distance goals. I still do most of my running by myself, but I have collected a handful of running buddies over the years that keep it fun.

I have built up speed and endurance for races and then let it wane for a while and had to build it back again. At the moment I am training for a 15 miler in June. Getting up to 10 miles again has been a chore, but a chore I enjoy.

To tell you the truth, I started the weight loss journey last year mostly to become a better athelete. I weighed 172# which was well into the over -weight range for a 5'4" woman, but I carried it pretty well and really wasn't that stressed about it. What did really bother me was that it was limiting my physical activity. You just can't move as quickly or as efficiently carring all those extra pounds.

So that's a large part of my story. I have also suffered from depression off and on over the years and can still lose a day every now and again to depression. But over all I am a very optimistic person and have learned to take the bad with the good. Exercise, or at least physical activity, is very much part of my mental health routine - it is why I often stress to newcomers if you can only tackle 1 lifestyle change at a time, get active first, then start working on the diet.

I look forward to reading all about your journey - keep it up kiddo!

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