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Old 01-26-2011, 03:15 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Welcome Caroline. You may want to look into this, it appears that you and almeeker are married to the same guy... not cool.
oh, crap

01/22/11: 214 lbs
01/31/11: 212 lbs
02/08/11: 211 lbs
03/14/11: 215 lbs
06/20/11: 215 lbs
08/17/11: 217 lbs

Mini Goal:
Be at 214 lbs by 08/20/11 (when I leave for Savannah, GA)
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OK 20 Questions. Here goes:
1) I am a writer. I think I was born this way. It is not only what I do it is how I look at the world.
2) I am the mother of one child, a teenager who is now very unhappy and is making life challenging, to say the least. Occasionally I see my dear girl pushing aside the hurt angry person we have been living with. I love my girl (even the angry girl); I hope she finds herself and comes back.
3) I lie about my age. I say I am five years older so people can tell me how good I look for my age. I am 50. Most people say I seem younger. If they are not just being nice,then I seem younger because I am immature for my age.
4) I adore reading.
5) I like to exercise. I cannot work out at the level I would like to because:
6) I have fibromyalgia. I had three knee surgeries, the last a total knee replacement.
7) I find winter too difficult anymore (see #6) I would like to live in a warm (not HOT but that may be OK) climate. Out west. I doubt this will happen.
8) I married my best friend when I was 22. He may not be the best in the world (you guys got that guy) but I think he is, much of the time.
9) I am a Jewbu. Jewish by birth (and somewhat belief) Buddhist by choice and because it makes life more bearable. My teacher is Ani Pema Chodron.
10) I do not like cats. I keep telling my 3 cats this but they insist on hanging around anyway. I think it is because I feed them. But what can I do? I have all this cat food in the house and no one else eats it.
More on next post. If you can stand it.

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Old 01-26-2011, 07:46 PM   #13
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Join Date: Apr 2010
Posts: 2,269

11) I used to like to travel more. Now I like the comforts of home and am glad to get back.
12) that being said, I would like to go to Israel, Italy, the East. Maybe do a meditation retreat in India (crazy, I know.)
13) I think I am dowdy and could look better but I hate to shop. Until I start then I want to go more. Except lately... Fibro makes shopping grueling.
14) People think I look like Juliet Binoche. I have been stopped publicly and told this. I have been e mailed by friends and relatives and been told this.
15) I love music, all kinds.
16) I like to sing and have a decent (if not powerful) voice. I wish I could play an instrument.
17) I teach college sometimes. My favorite classes to teach are Gender and Lit and Religious Themes in Lit. I like the students, for the most part. They tend to open up to me. I think teenagers and young adults are amongst the most fascinating people on earth. So many ideas. Such great energy.
18) I wish I could dance. But being rhymically impaired as I am means that #16 and #18 are just that: wishes. I like to paint but haven't in a long time. My husband is an artist.
19) I am good with languages. I am teaching myself Hebrew. Next I will brush up on French. I watch Telemundo and other Spanish language programs to pick up vocab.
20) I am pathologically friendly. Also I can't shut up. I am a woman of many words. Or could you tell?

Also I like brainy actors, like Edward Norton and John Cusack. I think brainy is sexy. So I'm a nerd too. I thought Joseph Gordon Leavitt was so adorable in 200 Days of Summer. Could not see what he saw in Zooey Dechamel. Sorry!!!!! I'm not trying to offend or get off on the wrong foot. I'm sure she's great. Just MHO.

CarolineFrance, I checked out your blog. Fabulous! You certainly are creative with lots of style!!!

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Old 01-26-2011, 08:27 PM   #14
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20 questions.......

1) I am 37, and don't lie about it (yet)
2) I have no children, because......
3) I had cancer at age 29 and had to have a full hysterectomy
4) I do have 3 babies though, a 13 y/o golden retriever, 2 y/o blue cream kitty
( who is the biggest diva I have ever seen), and a 4 m/o kitten, (who is pure demon)
5) I am apparently married to the 2nd best man in the world
6) I loath exercise, but do it anyway (most days)
7) I also am a carb junky, breads, cakes...you name it
8) I am veryyyyy sarcastic
9) I love to read, my newest interest is true crimes
10) I love to go to bingo...and no I do not have a collection of troll dolls hehe
11) We own a business, which ain't doing all that great right now.
12) My real name is Bonnie
13) I love Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives & Big Brother
14) I'm fat ( oh wait, you probably already guessed that).... see # 8
15) I just bought my 1st Coach purse!!!! yay!! and it's a big one too!!
16) Been with hubby for 19 years, married 7
17) Hubby is super thin and drives me nuts with his diet "advise".....mind you he does NOT eat healthy or exercise.
18) I spend too much time on the computer
19) I don't care for many veggies, which makes this whole healthy thing difficult.
20) I am looking forward to being a size 6 very much!!!!!
Start: 1/5/11 Weight : 240
2/4/11: 222
Current 214
Loss: 26

Pre Goal: 160 by 10/11 (in a wedding)
Ultimate Goal: 120 by 1/1/12

You have to be in the race, to win the race...from Mean Girls 2
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