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Diet to lose 80 lbs in 90 days


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Question Diet to lose 80 lbs in 90 days

I plan to lose 80 lbs in 90 days. Here is the diet I created with fit day, lots of nutrition and I don't plan on deviating from it until I have lost the 80 lbs. (this is an entire days worth of food) and its lots of volume and it comes in slightly over 800 calories. Wish me luck I will keep up on my progress by posting how much I have lost every month. I started on June 6, so I will post my results on July 6 then August 6th then September 6th.The only exercise I am planning is short 5 min increments of walking and or weight lifting with a 3 lb weight. WOULD ANYONE LIKE TO DO THIS WITH ME ?? AS A WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE?? I THINK THAT WOULD BE FUN!

Chicken (200 calories, split up into 2 or 3 servings) (large Costco canned chicken breast is 200 calories for entire can)
4 eggs (split up into 2 or 3 servings)
1 cup spinach
1 cup mushrooms
1 cup cabbage
6 cups spring mix /boxed type
6-10 radishes
1 oz. sesame seeds
1 oz. raw sunflower seeds
1/2 cup broccoli.
Note: I am planning to use some of the greens and the sesame and sunflowers seeds emulsified in a blender to create a salad dressing for spring mix salads on the diet.

Breakfast: 2 eggs with spinach and mushrooms or just 2 hardboiled.
Lunch: Salad greens with cabbage and spinach radish and one serving of the chicken and 1 egg and
.05 oz sunflower and .05 oz sesame seeds
Dinner: 1 serving of chicken, small salad, broccoli
Snacks: serving of chicken or an egg or radish or salad or combination of these

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Nice diet plan, good luck! I think you might want to add some fruits to your plan, but other than that, it's really good.
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You Go Girl! That is my way of thinking...Get the Excess Weight OFF FAST! I am right there with you! My meal plan is similar to yours. I will be copying some of your food choices. I think that you may want to weigh in more often...not necessarily post it. I am currently @ 310 lbs and am giving myself one year to get to 160 lbs. that equals to a 150 lb. loss; I started @ 322 lbs. there are other 'free' foods that you can have for more volume with no additional cucumbers and celery. What about green, red or yellow peppers? Maybe a half of banana every now and then or a few apple or orange slices? How about cauliflower instead of broccoli? I look forward to your progress posts.
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