Hello, everyone . . .

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Default Hello, everyone . . .

Greetings all. My name is Lori and I'm reaching out from Chicago, Illinois, USA. I look forward to reading and engaging in this forum.

I'm middle aged, weigh almost 300 pounds and stand 5 feet 2 inches tall. Obviously, I'm in a very dangerous situation here so this site is a real source of hope for me. I know from personal experience that only diet and exercise can bring me to the goal weight. As difficult as I know my journey will be I know that with God all things are possible.

My greatest weight challenge is my inability to exercise regularly, if at all. Severe arthritis and the results of a series of accidents over the course of five years have culminated in chronic pain, especially in my left leg and lower back. I live in an apartment on the second floor and just trying to get down the stairs to go anywhere is a real challenge for me. As a result, I am practically homebound and can go for days without ever leaving the apartment.

My hope and faith are and will ever be in the Lord. As difficult as things are (see above) He has blessed me with a loving and supportive husband, a fitness center only 3 blocks away and FitDay. I'm going to keep close track of my nutrition and activities and, I hope, enjoy the encouragement of this forum all on a daily basis.

Alright then, that's me so far. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing back from my new "community."

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Welcome to the site. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask.
Do you belong to the fitness center and have you thought about water activities there?
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Hi Lori. Welcome. I am in Schaumburg myself but lived in Chicago my whole life. Awesome that your fitness center is so close. With all your health issues, maybe some water aerobics can help you like Mike stated. It's low impact and provides a great workout. This is a great site to talk about anything really since everyone has been or is in your shoes. Everyone is on a journey to get healthy and we hope you are able to find great support like I have here. Good luck and don't be a stranger!

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Welcome to Fitday, the site that saved my life

You are obviously committed to making changes; can I be honest? It is going to take a lot of effort, commitment and hard work on your part.

Putting everything in the hands of god is a bit of a cop out. Only YOU can take advantage of these blessings, only you can truly commit to the choices you make.

How did you get so heavy? What is your daily calorie intake? What can you, with your limited physical abilities commit to exercise wise?

These are questions only you can answer, honestly, truthfully.

Be honest, make a commitment to yourself, and a plan. It might not be easy at first, but your weight is excacerbating your physical pain, and you will feel gradual benefits from some weight loss and build on that.

My advice would be to concentrate on diet first of all. Use Fitday, analyse your food, lose some pounds. One step at a time. Let your body adjust.

Then plan a little exercise. Be kind to yourself, don't knock yourself out. Go onlline, research the best exercise for your physical conditions. Be pro-active, none of this is going to happen through anyone else, just you.

Good luck, and kep us posted on your progress!
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Welcome and congratulations on deciding to make a change! Sounds like you are already finding ways to overcome your challenges instead of using them as excuses. Approach this as a lifestyle change that you will need to sustain to have a healthy life.
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Default Thanks all!

Thanks everyone for your quick replies and encouragement!

Yes, I do belong to both the Bally's Fitness Center nearby as well as the Evanston Athletic Center (EAC) just a few stops away on the Purple Line elevated train. Bally's doesn't have a swimming pool but EAC does so when I DO begin my "gym centered" workouts that is probably where I will start, i.e. water aerobics. Happily, my contract with Bally's is only $125 a year and my disability status allows me to belong to EAC at a great discount so, even though I can't take advantage of my memberships right now, I know they are waiting for me when I CAN get there.

Of course, my first challenge is just to get out of the apartment. I'm taking this one day at a time so first, I'll focus on my eating habits (currently erratic and filled with sugars and fats) and lying on my bed to do stretches. For now, just moving is a challenge but I realize that daily effort will lead to progress and positive results.

I'll keep everyone posted, I promise. I'm just so happy to have this forum. Everyone is so supportive, postive yet realistic. Don't be afraid - EVER - to "nudge" me. For instance, yes, it could be a cop out to say that I'm depending on God to get me through this. I can understand how, perhaps based upon past experience, someone might believe that's what I'm doing. The fact is, for me at least, my relationship with Him is a great support for me, not an excuse. I know He loves me and I honestly feel He's brought me to FitDay for a reason . . . EACH ONE OF YOU!

So, anyway, thanks again. I'll keep praying, recording my calories (in and out), and carefully but regularly stretching-progressing-to-actual-exercises, all while keeping you posted on my accomplishments and pitfalls. Keep up the good work, each of you, and may God's blessings keep all of us focused, positive and secure.

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Hello Lori and welcome to fitday. This is a great site, you might want to check out the 100+ club, it's a great group and a good place to check into for daily support and inspiration.

On the exercise front I recently bought a workout DVD called "Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone". It's very basic, mostly walking to a beat and the occasional move that is slightly more than that (which you can skip and just walk through if you want). What I like most about it is that she walks 5 miles, and you can chose to walk all of them or just one at a time. The single miles are 12 minutes each, which is maybe the shortest workout I've ever done. I think in terms of workout videos that particular one would be a great way to ease into it.

Good luck honey, we're all pulling for you here at the forum.
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Hi Lori..

Seems like several of us are from the windy city. I am in the Oak Park area.

I started at almost 300 8 months ago and it is slow going because I have physical limitations also. I am about you height. Actually just a tad shorter than you.

I started very slow on exercise. I couldnt walk a 1/4 of a block, so I know how you feel. Perhaps you can start slowly by walking one flight of stairs ( at your own pace). I found if you do something, ANYTHING, it is better than nothing.

I understand your reliance on the Lord is not a cop-out. I am also a believer. But as the saying goes.. God helps those who help themselves. So perhaps asking Him for the strength to start doing a little movement may be the best start.

As Almeeker said, the 100+ thread is one of the best around for encouragement and nudging too Hope to see you there.. and good luck on your journey!
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100+ thread - GOT IT! You can catch me there. I'm off!

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