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Red face Skinny Fat

Hi Everyone !
I just joined
I am a skinny fat, 167cm tall, 58 kg at the moment (my feel good weight is around 54-55kg.
I have measured my body fat and it's 27.
I practice Yoga regularly, and I started 2 weeks ago a weight lifting program.
I bicycle about 30 to 40mn nearly everyday to go to the beach, and to town. Real bicycle not the gym one, and uphill half of the time !

My program is full body 3-4 times a week. 3 sets of 10-12 reps 80%.
I am vegetarian mostly vegan at home. Super healthy, no sodas, no fried or processed food and especially no processed sugar.
But this crazy belly fat I gained during winter is horrible and I am not sure how to deal with the diet to help on losing it. I actually have always been skinny fat but mostly the belly was not that crazy fat.

I am a sweet tooth and of course I am aware and try to control that , even if when I eat sweets it will be dates, raw cacao milkshake with almond milk and honey, greek yoghourt with honey or nuts or strawberries, homemade vegan cakes or cookies without sugar...ok sometimes some 90% dark choc
So what to do ?! It also feels on top of the belly fat that it is very bloated, like a balloon, I stopped eating porridge and oat and eat only RYE bread maybe 1 or 2 slices every 2 days.

I know I need to eat a lot of proteins but any one would advise to lower my carbs levels ??
Or any dietary advices ?
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I can't imagine lowering your carb levels - you have a very healthy diet, IMO! Counting your calories, you'll lose some weight. Pilates is good for toning up your core muscles - that might help with the belly fat that is bothering you.

Good luck!
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At you height and weight I am wondering if your BF% is off, but if you don't like what you see, that's more relevant anyways than any number on any measuring device.

I am always for trying different things when what you have tried already is not working out. If being vegetarian is leaving your bloated with a belly pouch, I'd try to see if it is because of some sort of sensitivity that you just don't know about and eating differently will make you feel better.

Sometimes people have troubles tolerating grains and dairy, or all the artificial stuff in bread, pasta and soy products, or beans etc.

You can always experiment with prioritizing fresh meat, fish, eggs and vegetables, and taking a few weeks break from any processed foods, dairy, fruit, beans and grains?

It's just a few weeks, and if you feel better, great, you got your answer. if not, try something else
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