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Support from family members.


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Angry Support from family members.

Is there anyone that has experienced not getting support from a partner, friends or family?
I am new to Fitday and am experiencing difficulty in trying to overcome stress caused by constant criticism from a family member. I have noticed that my wait loss has been very minimal in the last few months and I have noticed that I am eating more because of it. I mean like eating more than one snack when I should be eating only 2 snacks a day. I've not been able to find a support group in my area and am here hoping this will help.
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Have you looked for any OA (Overeaters Anonymous) or TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) groups in your area? They offer great support for very little money (really, very little!)

They will give you lots of tips for this kind of problem - because so many people experience this stress on a diet. You have to try all the tips they can offer until you find what works!

I gained most of my weight when my kids were younger and living at home. No matter how much I knew you have to screen out negativity and be strong for yourself with your own goals, while allowing others to live their own lives with different health goals, I still let 'life' intrude.

I didn't put myself first when making decisions about what I should be eating, separate from everyone else. I 'caved' when they protested that I wasn't going to some celebration or outing - even though I felt I couldn't 'afford' the calories and I didn't feel up to the test.

Now, I cook for myself, my husband cooks for himself - and the kids are out of the house. It didn't happen immediately - it took some time before I discovered how positive that freedom from meals, rituals, and shared celebrations can be. We don't criticize each other's food choices and we don't eat the same things, usually. We always offer a taste of dinner to each other but it stops at a taste.

There's no support other than that agreement. I don't discuss my diet. It opens up a whole area for comment that I don't need or want. I don't discuss my weight loss (which has been slow but has been steady) and I don't comment on my husband's weight. We have a much better attitude these days than we ever had when the family ate together, went out together, and bought groceries to please everyone.
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