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Default What foods are not gonna leave me feeling hungrier?

So at the moment I am eating much better but I still just find myself a bit hungry - I'm trying not to act on it but we all know it's hard when your belly rumbles.

What are the best things to eat that leave you satisfied for a long time? I don't mean only an hour but say, a whole morning.

Any advice?!
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Normally foods that are high in fiber will leave you feeling full longer. Also, I find that when I eat high protein foods, such as chicken/beef/turkey I tend to stay full longer. Carbs will cause a spike in insulin, then when that spike falls off it will give you a false "hungry" feeling. Now I'm not saying you have to cut out carbs completely, just that it's an effect they have on you. I'm referring to carbs such as from breads and pasta's etc...

Also I've been doing some reading on IF (Intermittent Fasting) And while it is more recommended for men than women (The studies show very little benefit or change for women compared to smaller more spread out meals) But in my reading about IF, I came across an article where a man tried several methods of fasting and kept a journal of all of his personal results. One thing the article strongly suggests is that everyone tries a 24-36 hour fast. If you've never done it, trust me it will be difficult. But one thing it will teach you, is that there is a difference between "body hunger" and "brain hunger" Being able to tell the difference between the two is great perspective to have. You will experience TRUE body hunger after roughly 20 hours of fasting. So if you go for your fast, eat your last meal around 5pm, then don't eat until 5pm the following day for example. Or later if you can pull it off. It's not suggested to go over 36 hours, and if you have a family doctor you may want to consult with him before going on a 24-36 hour fast. But in doing it... It will definitely teach you that you absolutely can go that long without eating, and help you take control of those short term "hungry" feelings. Just a thought if you have the willpower to do it, it's a great experience that you can use to take control of your eating habits.
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