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  • 7 weeks

    So saturday, Feb. 1st was seven weeks. I weighed in saturday morning at 279.8 which is the first time I've weighed in below 280. To be honest, it's been a pretty long time since I've been under 280 period... Probably a couple years. So it felt pretty good to see a number below 280.

    I don't know if I would call it a Plateau but it seems like I hit 285 really quick and the last 5 pounds have slowed down a lot. It's still coming down but I feel like I am going to have to ramp up my exercise routine some if I want to kick my weight loss in the butt. So this week and beyond I'm going to increase the aggressiveness of my weight training. I feel stronger from the weight training I have done and feel like I should be able to get a little more intensity out of my workouts. Friday I bought a bench to go with my Powerblock dumbells. Got a good lift in friday evening, and saturday morning I got in 45 minutes on the elliptical. Whole body was a little sore on Sunday but it was a relaxing day getting ready for a terrible Superbowl.

    With 5 weeks to go to my short term goal of 270. It's right around 2lbs. a week which should not be an issue so long as I stay after it. I have been thinking about a more long term goal.... But I think rather than setting a goal weight, I'm going to set my next goal to be as healthy as possible by October when I turn 30... When I do get to 270, I want to start taking my cardio exercise outside and do some real running/jogging instead of just using the elliptical. 30lbs lighter it shouldn't be quite as hard on my joints. I want to be able to jog a mile under 10 minutes... That's not blazing fast but to reach that I will have to jog steady without many walking breaks...

    Hope everyone else is achieving their goals!
    Thanks for stopping in

  • Hi Dustin You've made some great progress!!! I just wanted to chime in on the elliptical vs. running. I am a runner and enjoy running outdoors in the warmer months. In the Winter, I take it indoors to the treadmill. This Winter however, I've been doing some pretty high intensity interval workouts, so I've ramped down the running so I don't over do it on my joints. So I've taken to the elliptical for extra cardio. I too always thought that running was far superior to the elliptical. Well to my dismay, I can burn the same if not more calories on the elliptical (according to my heart rate monitor) in the same amount of time. Also, I can sustain the elliptical for a longer period so overall I can actually burn more on the elliptical! Having said that, I still love running and won't give it up
  • lildebbieg,

    Thanks for the info on the calories. I did some research before and from what I've read the calories burned per time is pretty similar between elliptical and actual running. I'm not so much concerned about the calories I'm burning, I get a great burn on the elliptical and I sweat enough to know that it's working! The actual running is more of just a personal goal I want to accomplish. When I was in school and into wrestling/baseball through my youth, I always enjoyed running. I want to feel that "runners high" like I used to, but I knew that at my starting weight I wouldn't be able to jump straight into running. I broke my right leg twice (femur in one accident, tib/fib in a seperate one about 3 years later) and the impact of running is one of the things I used as an excuse to let my health slip away. So for me, getting back into running, getting my legs strong enough to get a good run in, is a mountain I need to climb.

    Several times over the years, I made the mistake of going from "unhealthy" and trying to "get back in shape" but not taking time to build the strength and shed the weight like I am this time. I would try to jump back into running outdoors, and after a few times of not being able to walk the next day due to extreme knee pain, I would stop my journey all together and use it as an excuse.

    It's one of the things I talk about early in this thread, about giving up the excuses. This time I will NOT let it be an excuse. I will build the strength of my knee and my legs, as well as shed the weight, and get back to the point of being able to run outdoors. I've just learned that I have to take my time and build my body back up and regain my health to be able to climb those mountains!

    I do appreciate the input though, I am still learning every day about ways to better maintain a healthy lifestyle. And although this thread is a journal of sorts, it is nice to get some replies every now and again. Nice to know I'm not just talking to myself all the time, hehe. So thanks!
  • Wow! Great job setting goals and achieving them! All the best to you as you get back into running
  • Ok so it's been a few weeks since my last update. I've been super busy involved in my daughters sports... Being the Coordinator for the local softball league, and just took over as President for the baseball/softball leagues board...

    I've been sticking to my diet, but I haven't gotten the exercise that I wanted to the last couple weeks. I went about a week and a half without lifting/running, so over the weekend I got a chance to get 30 minutes in on the elliptical again, which felt great!

    My short term goal has passed... I missed it by about 1.5lbs... But staying with my new lifestyle I did reach it. It was only one week later than I had hoped so still a success in my opinion! I am settled into my new eating habits pretty well, and I continue to try to make small changes to further improve. I have recently started cutting out breads which has helped. I have also done some thinking about a longer term goal and I think I'm going for "fit by 30" as my new goal. I feel like if I can keep improving myself and when coaching softball this spring/summer I'm going to run with the team through drills... I feel like if I can get another 50 lbs. off by the end of october I'll be the lightest weight that I have been since about 10 years ago... I know that my weight loss is probably going to slow down some as I continue to drop, but for me, 220 would put me in a very good place.

    I hope everyone else is having success with their goals! Feel free to drop me a line or ask questions, it's more fun than talking to myself on here lol