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This is a nice site. You can take the time to make your post just as special as you are I see. I on the other hand won't be doing this just yet. I'm using my cellular so imagine how small the icons are to "get jiggy with it" lol. I'm a breastfeeding mommy. My son will be 2 next month, I'm a newlywed going through a divorce lol, grandma died a year ago next month, been celibate 2 years, about to graduate cooking school, and I'm also a former 500 pounder who had a gastric bypass April of 2002 who had lost about 315 pounds. I've gained back almost 100 pounds. I calculate that as baby fat, divorce fat, depression fat, self pity fat, post partum fat,of course there's the gotta eat cake fat, food addiction fat, then it's just plain old fat... so, "YES" I BELIEVE it's definately time to bring sexy back lol, it's been a minute since I've felt anything close to that at all. Which is why probably I even went to cooking school. I love cake. I say it & I smile. Then again, I love food. So I figured I'm juicy anyway, why not do something with the rest of my life I honestly love. I keep trying to loose weight-all my life in fact, but it keeps finding me. What's a girl to do. I remembered seeing this site when I first had my surgery and loved it so now, I'm back again. I love the support system here and all you can do. I know we all can do it because people just like us go through things everyday and still come out victorious. As for me, I realized I have to work on my mind set this time. Losing weight will happen. Maintaining it after the goals are reached is another. After I had my tummy tuck I fooled myself into believing I would monitor how much I ate and if it was too much by determining how much belly I had sitting in my lap. WRONG. I didn't realize my stomach would still be flat as a board and the rest of me blow back up. (long story) I didn't think it would take me nearly a hundred pounds to regain in order to realize I was in trouble. This is my cry out for support on my journey. I have a great sense of humor but there ain't nothing funny about how bad my legs have began to swell & how I can't wear my sexy heels anymore. So here we go. I can see the new me again. I can imagine her because I know her & she's waiting for me. After a while I will walk towards her and when I reach her I will turn around and sit right in her lap & melt back into my place, stand up & move forward into the rest of my life. May God bless us all on our journeys. May our every endeavor that we pursue bring out the best in us and may eat cake in peace before we rest in peace. ...Bon' Appetite to life!
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I'm sure you can lose the weight. Working in the food business can help or hinder your progress, but I'm sure you will enjoy working with food! No matter how you count the fat (divorce fat, etc.), it's really food you count when you are in the process of losing weight! My impression of a chef's life is: working with food all day and then coming home to the simplest dinner imaginable. What do chefs eat when they cook for themselves? Whatever is easiest and quickest to clean up!
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