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Smile I am new!

Hi, I'm Harriet and I am 18 years old.

I am new here and decided to introduce myself. So, the reason I am here is because over the past two years I have put on 22lbs if not a little more and I am here to loose it all! I used to be a long distance runner for Cumbria, and one time, two years or so ago I had an asthma attack during a long distance run, it was really bad and it really put me off running. Since that asthma attack I have lost a lot of motivation to do any exercise, and recently I have been unemployed and not in full time education living at home, so I have been a bit of a bum recently, with no income, doing nothing but sitting around. I have decided now to change my lifestyle, become healthy, become toned, be happy and have a better life and enjoy myself! I have got myself a job, 30 hours a week at a Restaurant as a Catering Assistant and occasional waitress so I will be having some income soon, however I work evenings so this means I can get back to college, so I have applied and hopefully starting in September doing Art. - So that's a start huh?

My goal is to loose 22lbs, I currently weight 126lbs approximately and I want to be around 104lbs like I was two years ago when I used to run a lot.

I have made myself a healthy diet plan and will start doing exercise, maybe even get back into my running; slowly. I have a dog, so I will be taking him for walks a lot more often and once I get my first wage slip from this new job, I am buying a Gym membership, yay!

I am going to be posting my story/progress on here and my account if you'd like to follow me and see how I am doing, I am also looking for some sort of fitness buddy, someone to encourage me! The only encouragement I can get is off my boyfriend, as my friends aren't very encouraging at all; however my boyfriend works nights and I can only speak to him at night or weekends which means staying up late; and I need more sleep! Which leads to my next problem, I haven't slept in four nights, I think I have insomnia as I am having like 2-4 hours of sleep a night, if that and can't seem to sleep any longer. I am now considering sleeping tablets it's getting this bad.

So, my plan is. Pull my socks up, get back into college, exercise, eat healthy, work and make progress. I want and need help, tips and encouragement so through it at me! Also, any good articles I will love to read, give me links etc.

Thanks so much if you have read this!

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I'm already inspired! My post-college no-job days were ROUGH so I know what you went through but you did something about it so you're on the right track. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your progress!
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