7 Day Motivational Thread Starting 7-1-2013

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>500 calories worth of exercise each day
M-348, T-348
<2500 calories from alcohol for the week
M-0, T-0
>2500 calories difference for the week
M-1395, T-1628
<40g fat per day
M-23.4, T-29.3
3 or more fruit/veg per day
M-4, T-1

Walking challenge - 0/10

I'm already 300 down on my exercise goal I will complete it this week even if it kills me!
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Thanks for the hint Joanna that sounds good!

I was good yesterday except for the water which was probably only about 4 glasses.
I didn't get my water in today either but I did walk around the mall--shopping for necessities and window shopping. We also parked miles from the grocery store so I think I would say I got my exercise in. Plus add 20 min vacuuming this morning too.
I still have to log my food so I'm not sure how I did but I had an iced cap (yeah I know...calories). I had a fun day so I'm not going to kick myself for having it!

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Just got back home from an all-day outing with our two youngest grandkids at a state park. Have only time to post my Monday report before turning the computer over to DH. Will try to catch up later.

Monday Report

--take my daily supplements to help keep blood cholesterol normal YES

--1200-1600 calories per day 1494

--6 servings fruits/veggies per day YES

Daily averages
--sat fat average 12% max. of daily calories 11%
--dietary cholesterol 250mg 202mg
--protein 120g 140g
--net carbs (total carbs less fiber) 25g 25g
--dietary fiber 30g 49g

1/2 hour exercise 5 days per week YES
64 oz. water per day Yes
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Goal #1: Log once a day only (at night). M-N, T-Y

#2: Weigh myself only once per week. M-Y, T-Y

#3: 3 workouts this week (exclude walking challenge), M-N, T-Lap Swim

Personal goals:

1. Reduce computer time, M-Y, T-Y
2. Start cleaning up the house, >1 bag per day. M-Y, T-Y
3. Read more, M-Y, T-not yet

Walking challenge: 10 miles by Sunday. M-3m, T-2m

First time on today and it was tough plus it was a lot of work to log everything back to last night's sleep but in the end I did it and did get some cleaning done as I have stayed off the computer all day/evening. Turned out that I did not eat enough......I am learning to listen to my body's hunger signals and it's gonna take a while. I so lost that over the years. I still have time to read before bed, yeah!
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Okay, as promised, my goals......

1-lose 1 pound
2-get all laundry done
3-don't go crazy on the 4th

Doesn't seem like much, but it's what I can do this week.

Yesterday wasn't a great day. I was tired and blah all day. Went to see The Jassi Cat after work. Didnt stay as long as normal because I was so tired. Welllll,
I got home to find that the air conditioning wasn't working. Yay So off to TWM for a window unit and I text BF and let him know. He said it was working when he left for school that morning, so it happened some time after 9 am. Luckily this spring and summer have been unseasonably cool, so it wasn't super hot in the house. When BF got home from work he tinkered with it and got it working again. We hit the bed at like quarter to 2 (I had originally fallen asleep on the couch). I woke up around 5 to potty an guess what!!! Air was out again. I called the landlord when I got home from work today and got his voicemail. He's notorious for taking forever and a day to return calls. I swear, he's the laziest landlord ever.

Tuesdays are notorious for being busy and crazy at work and today was no different. It's 2 days before a major national holiday, it's been pouring down rain, which means the stock room pours water. So, we've got lakes and ponds of water in the back room and BOOM, all the power goes out. It's not storming or anything, just down pours of rain, and no power. Lemme tell ya, a grocery store stock room is DARK with no power.

Yeah...the week isn't starting so great. Oh well. It can only get better, right?
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Tori & Carollyn: I want to get some scales and a measuring tape- I want to see my before and afters before I start exercize- But I have started; Ive upped my meals and replaced sugar in my teas for honey I know it isnt much but every little bit counts
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Wow Robin, congrats on being 6.5 pounds from goal weight!!!!
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Today is day 7 for me, and today is the first weigh-in I had planned since starting this journey a week ago. And today, for the first time since who knows when - the only scale in the house is not working. Needs a battery, and guess what I can't find?

Hmmm - Karma?
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Good Morning All!

Everything is continuing to go far beyond plan. Pushed last night to get in 1 mile with a spotter, 7 days post-op! Woohoo! So excited to feel this good... although I did come home and crash onto a heating pad for the remainder of the night... shhhhh... don't tell anyone that part!

Goals For Today:

* 1 mile of continuous walking (not increasing tonight)
* Put on my own shorts! lol
* Try to figure out the line between pushing myself to strengthen and going too far.
* Great posture: shoulders back, chest out... quit walking like Tim Conway...

Have a great day everyone and keep moving!

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Yesterday went okay. I was feeling down all day and kind of weak. I woke up feeling the same way, so work may feel draggy today. I'm sure tomorrow I will feel more energized I hope. Denying temptations is hard for me when I feel draggy and tired. I need my bit of hyper personality to hit soon.

Dad_In_FL: I hope you get your scales to working. My younger children like to play on my electric scales and run the battery down. It can be annoying to get on it and it don't work or pops up the big E. Good luck on your weigh in.

Tori: I hope your week improves.

Quinn: Great job to get a mile in! I am sure that was difficult and you had to push yourself.

Week's goals:

1. Stay under 1,200 calories daily Yes, Yes
2. Log in everything I eat or drink Yes, Yes
3. Behave and do not eat anything that goes against my vegan diet on July 4th; only drink water Yes, Yes
4. Follow the goals above and do not mess up once this week on them Yes, Yes
5. Lose 2 pounds or more Crossing fingers and toes!
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