What am I doing wrong?

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Unhappy What am I doing wrong?

I am a 47 year old woman. I have been going to the gym 5x week for 5 weeks now. I take 2 one-hour strength training classes ("pump") and 3 one-hour cardio classes (spinning, step and kickboxing) each week. After 5 weeks, I have not lost a single pound or inch. I have not changed my eating habits significantly because i already eat a balanced diet, if anything I have cut back on what I eat a little bit because of the lack of results.

In the past I have had no trouble maintaining my weight with a much less frequent workout regimen (3x week). However, since turning 45 I started taking Synthroid as prescribed by my doctor for low thyroid. And since then i have put on 10 pounds that have simply not come off.

I like to work out, but I have to get up at 5am every weekday to exercise due to my family schedule. This is not fun. And now seeing no results - no pounds or inches lost - is terribly un-motivating. Should I just accept the extra 10 pounds are with me for good?

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sad and discouraged.
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Is it only 10 pounds that you are trying to lose and not able to lose?
Have you talked to your doctor about this?

' I have not changed my eating habits significantly because i already eat a balanced diet, if anything I have cut back on what I eat a little bit because of the lack of results.' is key.

You already eat a balanced diet and you've cut back 'a little bit.' It seems you really haven't changed your regimen that much - you exercised 3 times a week in the past and now you go 5 times a week. This is great for your health, but it doesn't make the changes to your weight that cutting out calories will.

Years back, I exercised at the gym and my regimen was almost exactly yours. The weight didn't come off, because I didn't cut calories. I felt great, however, and that is worth a lot!

On the other hand, before that, I lost about 12 pounds going from fairly inactive to almost daily workouts on the stairclimber. Why did that work? Because I went from inactive to active. You're going from active to a little more active. The results aren't as dramatic and - without cutting calories, negligible.

It takes a lot more activity to take off pounds compared to cutting calories.

'Eating healthy' or picking foods doesn't work nearly as well as just looking at the number of calories you eat every day, subtracting 500 calories from that and making that your goal caloric intake every day. Exercise as much or as little as you want but meet your reduced caloric intake goal and you will lose weight. It doesn't necessarily happen on a timetable you like but it does happen. At first, you will lose 'water weight,' no matter what foods you choose, as long as you're not eating a high level of sodium. Reduce portions, reduce weight. At some point, you'll be able to adjust the portions up instead of down, but you'll know what you're doing by then.
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Default Track your results

I also used to feel the same way. However yesterday I came across this app which helps to motivate me to keep running and do other such training exercises. I have found it pretty useful. Its called motivade.com
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Eating a balanced diet is good, but not always enough. You may need to really focus on your calorie intake or even cut out certain foods like carbohydrates. Exercising is wonderful, but altering your diet is more effective. Not to mention the added muscle contributing to your overall weight.

If this was brought on by a medication, you should take suggestions from your doctor and find out exactly how your medication affects your metabolism so you can determine how to effectively change your diet.
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I suggest you try "logging" your food for a week or two....it may give you some insight into what is happening with your food.........no sense speculating about it, get some facts.
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