7-Day Motivational Thread for 2/25/13

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Originally Posted by hardystella
Coming week my focus only on to eat fruits,veggies,calcium rich foods
to balance my health.
Welcome, hardystella. Good goals!

robingen - Have fun snowshoeing!

Goals -
No sugar, no white flour N,Y,Y,N,N
Calories 1200-1500 Y, Y,Y,Y, N
An hour a day movement (yard work, walking, etc) Y, Y,Y,Y,Y

Thanks to an extreme case of the munchies last night, I went over my 1500 calorie cap for the first time since I started tracking. If I average the week's calories, I'm still under - but I'm still mad at myself for not having the will power to walk away. Okay, deep breath, I'm starting fresh today.
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Default Fri.

  • Workout > 40 mins x 3: 0, 30, 55, 5, 40,
  • Cholesterol < 250mg: 56, 202, 166, 57, 203
  • Protein > 50 g: 47, 81, 68, 36, 79
  • Vegetables > 3 / day: N, Y, Y, N, Y,
  • Calories < 1500 (M-F): 1248, 1216, 1325, 1159, 1770
  • Calories < 1800 (Sat, Sun):
Not bad. I think the cals should be divided as (M-Th) & (Fri, Sat, Sun) however.
The challenge will be the next two days.
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Default Weekend

Well that week went fast. Thursday was pizza day at work but managed to stay at a reasonable calorie count. I was striving for no more than 1200 calories a day but rarely kept it there. This month I'm setting the line at 1400 which is more attainable and satisfying. I cheated too much when feeling deprived and the result speaks for itself! I also need to get back to exercise!! The shoulder shouldn't stop me from walking outside or a's just the getting up so early part that's a struggle again but once used to it is OK.
Sounds like everyone is doing well, good for you all! Kids growing up, flat Stanley is a hoot, snowshoeing looks to be very taxing - hope you enjoy, and meeting set goals. You guys rock! . here's to a successful month ahead for all of us :-) Tracking and exercise :-)
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Originally Posted by Jezzie8
Jezzie (signed):

Start 02.02.13
Weight 206.6
03.02.13 = 206.2
Height 5'6"
Age 56
Goal 160?
Progress: TBD
Jezzie, Don't get too disappointed by a lack of movement by the scale. I'm one year younger than you are, and for me the scale was glued to the same number for months, no matter how much of a calorie deficit I managed. But then all of a sudden things changed. I'm not sure there was a magic day, but I started with this vague feeling of 'feeling better.' Then I started looking better. Then the scale started moving. I'd say it was three months before anything happened, after six I was down 15-20 pounds. You get the idea.

Now I'm 'stuck' at my goal weight. Give or take 2-3 pounds now and then. I've logged my food every day for over a year, and tried to keep up with my exercising. It's harder some times then others, but the results are astounding.

- Donna
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Default TY

Thanks Donna for the "pick me up" :-) I needed that and I will certainly keep at it! I look forward to the day that I too can be "stuck at my goal weight" . Have a super day...
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Cassie, DS got his liscense?!!!?? Congrats and also my sympathies, haha, as one mom of a driving teen to another.

Also, thank you for sending Stanley. I am so looking forward to meeting him. And psyched for this crawfish boil. Not too much pressure, Mike!!!
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Default Need food advice

Hi all I am sorta not working this week (working a light day Monday and some small stuff at home) and I am turning my attention to food and cooking. I have some questions:

Thoughts on wheatgrass?
Is cauliflower a good sub for potatoes?
Hope, when you say dried kale do you mean kale chips?

Darlene I walked today 3 k. I doubt I'll do 7k tomorrow to make 10 though lol.
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Robin I am aiming at 10k a week right now, once the weather gets better I will increase that I love to hike but not until the weather improves. Snowshoeing sounds fun I bet its hard work. Great job on your 3k was that snowshoeing? I have only had wheatgrass as a shot I think it tastes horrible but is really healthy so I suck it up when I am at the juice bar and have one, lol. I use half potatoes and half cauliflower for my mashed and my family all really like it, I like just plain mashed cauliflower but hubby isnít there yet. Kale is great stuffed in chicken with swiss cheese, red pepper and Canadian bacon.

Carolynn Great attitude about starting again today and not dwelling on a few extra calories in one day.

Donna Good luck on your weekend goals.

Jezzie Great job controlling calories on a pizza day! I also keep my calories between 1200-1400 some days I just need more food and I donít want to feel like I need to starve myself to maintain my health. The couple years I was maintaining I was eating 1400-1600 and it was a good healthy amount of food, it was when the ice cream and chocolate found its way back in as a way to control my stress that the weight started to return.

Walk 10k: M=2.7K, T=N, W=1.4K, T=2.7k, F=1.5k, S=N
Calories less than 1500: M=1380, T=1184, W=1375, T= 1339, F=1099, S=1273
Calorie deficit of 5000: M=-763, T=-876, W= -713, T=-827, F= -974, S= -828
Squats twice: T=Y
No sugar: M=N, T=Y, W=Y, T=N, F=Y, S=Y
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Carolynnq- Good for you for starting a new day. I think It's good to figure out objectively what went wrong for you, what the trigger was. Could have been a trigger food, or a temptation or that it was Friday night! I wanted popcorn last night so I saved calories for it.

Darlene looks like I won't be snowshoeing. Yes it is one of the best calories burning activities for sure and I wish I had been doing more. It's raining and melting today maybe I will walk. And thanks for the info on the food. I cooked roasted garlic cauliflower for the first time and hubby and I liked it. (I never liked cauliflower). Couldn't find any wheatgrass juice at the store. I want to try it. I think I can handle a "shot" even if it tastes really bad. You are doing good congratulations on your loss!
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A really good day yesterday. Cereal for breakfast, taco salad for lunch (had leftover cooked ground beef from something else) and stirfry for dinner with chocolate pudding made with skim milk for dessert. Mom and I split a large apple at 8:30. I kind of lost count on water but think I got up to 7. I don't think taco salad and stir fry was a good idea in the same day--you can figure out your own conclusions!!

I'm down 1.5lbs this week. WOO HOO!!!
I finally figured out why my pants are looser. I edited my weight in the log and I'm down 9lbs from my highest weight. Thinking I will probably have to buy new clothes for the summer!

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