7-Day Motivational Thread for 2/25/13

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1) Plan meals -yes, I didn't post it I had it in my notebook because my cable was down
2) stick as close to plan as possible - no
3) 6 glasses water- ?
4) Do not spend too much time online or on phone or doing chores. Write!!!!- I wrote 11 hours, a 750 word fiction piece (I rarely write fiction) It was so much fun!!! It helped that the internet was down

Velmasue, whyme,carolynn, welcome.
Hi Mary, Mern
Robin, 5 months is a lot but sometimes it can be sooner.
Planning works (err ignore #2 on top)

sf cereal and almond milk or egg white and sausage
rice free sushi
ham and cheese roll ups
DH's orange chicken
salad or veg
dried kale
fruit (pineapple, berries)
smoked salmon
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Monday Report:

Wasn't very hungry. DH ate leftovers for dinner so I just grabbed a low carb turkey wrap.

Calories 1500-1800 only 564
Sat fat average of 10% of total calories 24g
Fiber average 25g 9g
Dietary cholesterol average maximum 250g 70mg
Protein average 100g 58g
Exercise 5 days Not yet
Water 64 oz. YES

Today's menu:

Breakfast: flaxmeal pancake and Carb Master Dairy Blend (faux yogurt)

Lunch out with GD: grilled chicken sandwich (no bun) with bacon, tomato, lettuce, pickle on a toted from home low carb tortilla with also toted from home horserasish sauce

Snack: flaxmeal muffin

Dinner: salmon patty or pollock, green beans, broccoli slaw, sweet & sour cucumbers

Snack: protein shake, turkey spread with Laughing Cow Cheese
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Hope - thanks for the welcome back. My fitness has been going downhill so I need this.

Mike - I will add my prayers for your friend.

Eating well today and drinking my water.
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Red face

2,194 calories, 50.4 fat, 344.7 carbs, 78.6 protein OMG
I've been out of control for the past few days!! I wasn't even going to post but how else do I hold myself accountable?? Don't even want to step on the scale. Saturday is one month tracking & I don't think I'll be down at all I'm not getting exercise which I know would help. Since dealing with the shoulder pain that's all I'm focused on. Physio yesterday stirred it up again & been uncomfortable all day I don't have the energy to get out of bed at 5:00 a.m. to use the gym before starting work at 7:00 either. I hope I snap out of this soon. Even just typing this note is helping

Hope you're all doing well with your goals! And thanks for "listening"....
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Good for you for posting Jezzie. There's a whole lot of personal accountability that comes with the posting and that helps, right? I know you are discouraged but don't give up. Hopefully you will have lost after one month of tracking but at the very least you must have learned a lot about yourself. I know that I have. Everything I put in my food and activity logs teaches me something. What fills me up, what are trigger foods for me, etc. Plus the moral support from the others in this forum.
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Very long day I just walked in entered food and posted I will catch up on reading tomorrow I hope everyone is well!

Walk 10k: M=2.7K, T=N
Calories less than 1500: M=1380, T=1184
Calorie deficit of 5000: M=-763, T=-876
Squats twice: T=Y
No sugar: M=N, T=Y
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Whyme, welcome. Best wishes this week on those very nice goals!

Mike, what's the latest on your policeman friend who was shot?

Hope, I'm glad you enjoyed your writing Monday. Ooh, I love orange chicken, but the few times I've made it, my husband just asked for his unsauced as he doesn't like citrus and chicken together. DH used to cook--mostly good ol' American comfort food-- before we were married. He does help a lot in the kitchen cleaning up after I cook, though. I'd rather cook than clean anyday.

Robin, how's your husband doing? I saw that he was released from the hospital. Whoa--5 months to recover! I'm guessing physical therapy will be involved? How are YOU? Your reply to Jezzie was just awesome and encouraging to anyone who read it.

Jezzie, Robin's reply to you was just so darned perfect that I can't think of a thing to add--so I will just say that what Robin said just can't be topped by me.

Kumochi Mary, my fitness has been going down, too-first from a minor back injury and then just due to lack of caring right now. I have cause for motivation but am too lazy to put it into practice. I don't need a pep talk or encouragement--I know what works, what to do, and how to do it--I just need to do it. I hope you can get moving again. I will vow right now to take baby steps to get back into exercise. At least 10 minutes of vigorous walking today. What are your plans for exercise today?

Carolyn, hi!

Darlene, kudos on the walk in the park. Glad you had a nice visit with your friend. Nice job on your calories and deficit Monday and fantastic Tuesday report. Keep up the good work!

Velmasue, kudos on your 5 lb. loss! Nice goals, too.

Donna, congrats on making four out of six goals last week--special congrats on your dietary cholesterol! Wishing you another successful week.

Wow, our thread is a little slow this week, isn't it? I guess due to many of us having unusual things going on in our lives away from the computer.
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Tuesday Report:

Calories 1500-1800 only 564, 1628
Sat fat average of 10% of total calories 9%, 13%
Net carb average 25g 24g, 30g
Fiber average 25g 9g, 22g
Dietary cholesterol average maximum 250g 70mg, 304mg gives me an OK average of 187g
Protein average 100g 58g, 157g gives me an OK average of 107.5g
Exercise 5 days Not yet, Not yet
Water 64 oz. YES, NO

Today's planned menu:

Breakfast: spinach and mushroom zero cholesterol egg substitute omelet

Snack: pre-exercise protein shake with flaxmeal

Lunch: ham or turkey wrap with fresh spinach on a low carb tortilla

Snack: Carb Master dairy blend faux yogurt

Dinner: Salmon patty, green beans, sweet and sour cucumber, broccoli slaw

Snack: turkey with Laughing cow cheese
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Default Tues.

  • Workout > 40 mins x 3: 0, 30
  • Cholesterol < 250mg: 56, 202
  • Protein > 50 g: 47, 81
  • Vegetables > 3 / day: N, Y
  • Calories < 1500 (M-F): 1248, 1216
  • Calories < 1800 (Sat, Sun):
Feta cheese in my greek salad at lunch pushed up the cholesterol. Didn't quite make the 40 minutes of exercise, either. Other than that, doing well.
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Jezzie: I know what you mean by out of control. Weekends I'm the worst. But I always seem to be able to rein it back in on Monday. I may have said this previously, but I think of it a bit like interval training with food. You need some ups as well as downs, or so as not to get stuck in a rut.

Mern: Thanks for the congrats. Yes I'm doing good on the cholesterol, but haven't yet given up the yokes on Sunday. You know, if you ease into the exercise and stretching, you'll be less likely to wretch your back again. (That's all I've got for motivation for ya right now.)

Welcome Velmasue2. How are you doing on your goals. Sugar is my downfall, also.

- Donna
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