7-Day Motivational Thread for 2/18/13

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  • The more you eat the more you crave Ama. Abstinence woman. There will be withdrawal.
  • Thanks for the encouragement! Today was a much better day, for eating & pain - YEA

    Got in 7 glasses of water - wow for me
    Boss took me for lunch, had wor won ton soup - kinda high in calories but much better than my usual
    NO chocolate today, was at the store, looked down the aisle & kept going - another YEA
    Calorie total just under 1300
    Hope you all had a great day too
    Made popcorn for a snack - spray the inside of a paper lunch bag with PAM or whatever kind of no stick spray, cover bottom of bag with popcorn, roll it closed a bit & micro - it's just like using an air popper. Used a bit of Epicure Maple Kettle Corn seasoning - delish and not too many calories or fat!
    Good night all...
  • Mern Way to go on all that green!

    Jenn That’s awesome and all the little successes are what keep us motivated so enjoy your zipped up boots!

    Hope It sounds like your dinner was great and we all needs splurges now and then.

    Robin Congrats on the .7 of walking every bit of movement helps I got 2.8 in today but I doubt I will get any in tomorrow.

    Dmartz Good numbers today!

    Ama I hope the carb craze ends very soon carbs are a weakness for me too, sometimes going really heavy on fruit helps me get out of the simple carb trap and my cravings pass quicker.

    Jezzie Awesome day today way to avoid the candy isle at the grocers!

    Mike Did you get any miles in today last I seen you were at 0!

    Ok let’s talk quiche!! I was at a church function this evening and my dinner choices were beef stroganoff or quiche I am not a big stroganoff fan and I know that anything a church lady makes in a casserole dish has butter and cream in ridiculous amounts its kind of a rule. I don’t really eat quiche but I know it’s made of eggs and is in pastry the nice lady in line told me it has ham and spinach and feta cheese so I am thinking ok lots of protein so I was feeling good about my choice I added a side of salad and left as much of the pastry that I could. I come home and entered my foods I type in quiche and poof my calories jump off the page 471 calories 21grams of fat OH MY I could of eaten a huge bowl of icecream (which is my go to comfort food) and been better off than this sneaky bad for me food, so I just wanted to share my shock and dismay! Good news though I walked on my lunch break (stealing an exercise idea from april) and got in 2.8k!
    Have a great Friday everyone!

    Walk 10k before Sunday night: M=Y, T=N, W=N, T=2.8k
    Calories less than 1500: M= 1141, T=1321, W=1272, T=1662
    Calorie deficit of 5000 for week: M= -946, T= -739, W= -888, T= -477
    No sugar: M=Y, T=Y, W=Y, T=Y
  • Hi Darlene

    I am shocked too at the quiche. I don't normally eat that either but it seems like a healthy choice.

    How do you get 2.8 on you lunch break? How long does it take you to walk that? I am not sure I know how to measure my Km because I always went by minutes before on my walking (average pace). I don't have a pedometer. I used "map my run" yesterday.

    Jessie good job on the choices.
  • Quote: Hi Darlene
    I am shocked too at the quiche. I don't normally eat that either but it seems like a healthy choice.
    It really depends on what quiche is made of--most of the time it's probably cream. They usually put tons of cheese in it too. Then there is the crust.

  • Thursday report
    Carbs were close at 130gram
    Water--only 5
    only 3 veggies
    exercised for 35 min

    The personal goal of letting it go is sooo not happening this week
  • Quote: They leave after a month.
    You tryin to get rid of us? Kinda hard to leave when people invite us to crab boils and all...
    BTW I tried to multi quote, wasn't happening. Why?

    Ama, the wagon is slowing down for ya...jump on!!!

    Darlene, quiche and pot piess, very bad in terms of fat and calories. My friend loves pot pies and we looked at the nutritional fats of a Marie Callender one, holy cow!!!

    Robin, I do not want to make you discuss it again, but did they find out what's wrong with your eyes? That's scary, so sorry this happened. I hope you are OK.
  • Plan How I did
    Ezkiel English Muffin with Tofutti cream cheese - yes
    eggs with mushrooms and onions - one scrambled egg, one egg white
    chicken kebab, Greek salad, pita, hummus - yes
    fruit - apple, clementine
    12-15 cashews - 12 pretzels
    chicken leg or kippers - drumstick and some chicken
    turkey breast and goat cheese - no
    3 sf biscuits
  • Goals:
    1) 6 glasses H2O -10 no,no maybe
    2) stretch - yes, yes, no yes
    3) plan food (inasmuch as possible) yes, yes, yes, yes
    4) try to stick to plan -yes close Not even in the neighborhood... close so I'm gonna call it a yes
    5) meditate -yes no yes no
    6) write -yes, yes, yes but it wasn't pretty, yes but...
    7) think before I speak -mostly no, I talk too much and without thinking yes, yes
  • Plan
    Ezkiel toast with margarine and jelly
    scrambled egg and egg white
    hamburger with kethcup and pickles or roast chicken and veg
    sf biscuits
    turkey breast and goat cheese maybe one slice of bread