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7-Day Motivational Thread Beginning 2-4-13 WE'VE GOT THIS!


7-Day Motivational Thread Beginning 2-4-13 WE'VE GOT THIS!

Old 02-05-2013, 11:44 PM
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My internet went down last night, but I'm still here and still on board. I have a long work day today but will update results tonight. Have a great day, everyone!
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On track yesterday except for water. I'll post my report later.

Today's planned menu:
Breakfast: scrambled zero cholesterol egg substitute with mushrooms and spinach
Snack: protein shake
Lunch: tuna salad wrap and some kind of veggies
Snack: peaches and a Laughing Cow cheese wedge
Dinner: low carb chicken patty, mixed low carb veggies, tossed salad
Evening snacks: choose from almonds, another protein shake, protein squares, celery stuffed with peanut butter
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Default Tuesday Report

  • Cholesterol < 250mg: 582, 70,
  • Workout > 45 mins x 2:
  • Workout > 20 mins X 3: Y,
  • Calories < 1750: 1958, 1099
  • Sugar < (??? metric): N, N
  • Eat Grapefruit: N, Y
  • Be nice: Y, ~
Thanks for asking about the cholesterol goal, Mern! 25mg was not my goal, but rather my standard 250 mg. Although, I should drop that down to 200. I went back and amended my prior post to correct this.

I'm thinking that I'll get the VAP (full count) cholesterol test from one of those walk-in labs the next time I get a check, perhaps in mid March, and maybe try an OTC just as a spot check at the end of the month. I've got a Health Savings Account I've been funding, but haven't drawn on in a decade, so I'll probably tap that for the VAP instead of filing a claim with my insurance. (BTW, I think HSAs are a good deal if you prefer high deductible health insurance, but a lot of people don't know about them.)

Joanna, I don't have any advice wrt angst. I know that when I started trying to loose weight, it took months, Months(!), before I saw any results at all. Oh, except the scale went up, maybe a pound, each week I went to the gym. I really pissed me off, too! But you just have to stick with it. After about, oh, five months of NOTHING! I started to loose weight, and next thing I know it was falling off. Ok, then there was the plateau, of course, but that was temporary also. Maybe it's like Grad school. A long S __ L __ O __ W angst ridden slog. Always wondering if it's worth it.

But it is. In my experience, the pounds eventually will drop off and you'll feel great!

- Donna

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I realized last night that I will be in training all day today - food provided! Aka evil free food buffet. So my Wednesday specific goals:

No fruit juice
No ranch dressing
1/2 a pastry only - with no frosting
No fried tortillas (if they serve the much loved tostada salad)
Limit portion sizes
Drink water all day

Gotta run! Have a great day everyone!
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Water at least 64 oz per day m,t
Walk 4 days this week m
Water class plus lap swimming on Wednesday w! got my suit on and getting ready to head out the door!
Add a fruit to my daily intake m, t,

Reading all of our posts, it's hard to just "be in the moment with our ups and downs" sometimes. It would be great if everyday was a smooth path, but even as a child, think back to the carousel ride. At least I always wanted one of the horses that goes up and down. I never wanted to get that horse that didn't go up and down, or have to sit on the little bench. I'd stand back and watch the ride a couple of times to determine, which horses went up and down, which ones stayed still and literally RAN to the one that would give the best ride. Life can be that too, and SHOULD be that too. Makes it fun and interesting. Embrace the ups and downs.
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Mern you asked about Dr and dietician. I have a follow up appointment at Diabetes Centre in a month. I can email her before but I am doing what she said...eating within my carb limit and exercising 5x a week for 30min.
My family Dr retired and I haven't been to the new one yet as it would overlap with kidney Dr and she tests for the same things (BP, weight and A1C along with other things). I will ask kidney Dr some questions. Hard because it's always rushed but it's MY health and MY time.
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My heart was breaking this morning with live-in GD having to head for an 8AM college class after her first bout with morning sickness. But I got a chuckle toying with my grouchy younger grandkids trying to nap, one on each end of the sofa, between their arrival here and my taking them to school. 11 year old GD kept yelling at her bro that his feet stink and to keep them out of her face and I was pretending to be serious in telling him to keep his feet attached to his ankles where they belong. Neither got my joke--she kept yelling for him to do what I said, and he was yelling back he didn't know what I mean. OMG, they are too easy.

Mike, so sorry you are in pain. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Big gentle hug to ya!

Darlene, so glad to learn that Tuesday was a better day for you. I hope you had a good night, too.

Hope, well, I don't know quite how to comment on the Marquis de PT, except maybe that I hope a little erotica was included for a change of pace in addition to the sadism I inferred from your post--i.e. Marquis de Sade. Or am I just a dirty old lady? LOL All kidding aside, my heart goes out to you. It brought back memories of my daughter dreading her PT following an auto accident in 1996. When I took her to PT she'd wind up in tears from the deep tissue massage and exercises. I just recently got onto light Laughing Cow Cheese and love adding it to wraps with meat--I like the tang and spreadability of the cream cheese. I also like goat cheese, but don't buy it often. My baked cod came out really good last night. I just sprayed it lightly with fake butter spray (yeah, I know olive oil would have been a better choice) and sprinkled it with Old Bay seasoning on both sides and baked it at 375F for 12 minutes. I love clam chowder, but now it doesn't fit into my way of eating. Booooooo! I'll have to see if I can find a recipe that does fit in.

Cassie, wishing you a good day and a hassle-free Internet tonight.

Donna, glad your cholesterol goal is 250 mg. I figured it must be a typo. I tried 200mg once but found 250 more doable. I'm not familiar with the VAP cholesterol test--will look up that term.

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Ama, kudos to you for coming up with specific Wednesday goals to combat the evil free food buffet. Best wishes.

Frenchhen, nice reports. Thanks for your words of wisdom about embracing life's ups and downs.
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Default the scale

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Jenn, LOL on your scale cartoon! Thanks for the chuckle!

Joanna and anyone else interested: here are a few highlights that I am trying to put into practice from the DIET FREE FOR LIFE book by Robert Ferguson that helped me break my stalling and gaining that lasted from August of 2012 to mid January 2013. I'm not trying to sell anyone on buying the book, just sharing a few things that I believe helped me. You may find one or more of the following tips useful as "plateau busters."

I had to modify some of the guidelines because of the carb restrictions my doc and I agreed upon for managing my blood sugar without meds.

These guidelines are the ones for women. I didn't take notes on the guidelines for men:

--1200-1800 calories per day for women. The author believes it's not so much the number of calories that matter, but how the fats, proteins, and carbs are combined in meals and snacks.
--Eat breakfast within 30-60 minutes of waking up to jumpstart metabolism for the day
--Eat a snack or meal every two to three hours even if you go to bed at midnight. If you waken during the night and can't get back to sleep, have a protein shake to keep blood sugar stable. A protein shake is exempt from the rule about not napping or sleeping until waiting at least an hour after eating. The author points out that protein slows down the rate at which carbs are metabolized, helps body maximize fat loss, and keeps blood sugar from spiking too high.
--Always eat a meal or snack within one hour after a workout.

WATER (we all know this) at least 64 oz. plus 8 oz. for every 20 minutes of exercise.

--15g protein per meal.
--Fat max of 13.33g or 120 fat calories per meal.
--I believe he says 20-30 carbs per meal per women, but I can't do that.
-- There are meal ratios for protein, fat and carbs, but it's too detailed to list here. Author didn't mention it but I personally think anyone with medical reasons for ratios other than what's recommended should go with what you and your doc agreed upon. But the author DID say he knows not everyone can follow his guidelines perfectly and that we should just do the best we can

Example meals for ratios of combining fat, protein and carbs:

Author calls high carbs "fast carbs" and low carbs "slow carbs" indicating the difference in how quickly they are metabolized:

1:1 ratio is 1 portion protein and portion fast/ high carb
Example: scrambled eggs and toast OR steak and baked potato.
Why: Because fast/high carbs are metabolized quickly, you can eat only one portion when you're not also eating a slow carb to slow it down. If you want a hamburger with fries, you choose to eat either the bun/bread OR the fries, not both.

1:3 ratio is 1 portion protein and 3 portions slow/low carbs
Example: BIG salad with chicken on top OR meat and 3 veggies OR meat 3 veggie stir-fry
Why: Because slow carbs are metabolized more slowly, you can eat two portions for every one portion of fast carbs

1:1:1 ratio is 1 portion protein, 1 portion fast carbs, 1 portion slow carbs
Example: turkey, baked potato and veggie OR turkey, veggie and wine, OR spaghetti and meatballs and side salad OR "Fusions" of protein and fast carbs and slow carbs such as lasagna, stew, and chili. Tomato sauce in fusions is considered a condiment if under 1/2 cup. Why: Because eating fast and slow carbs together slows down the rate at which you metabolize the fast carb, you get one of each with your protein.

--100-200 Calories but closer to 100 if you want to step up progress.
--Pre-exercise snack, 30-40 minutes before workout, should more carbs than protein but aim for 5-10g protein.
--Wait at least an hour, but no more than three hours, after last snack before going to bed--last snack should be mostly protein.

CHEESE: Whether cheese is categorized as a protein, fat, or carb depends on which has the most grams.
-- If has more protein than fat, a serving is limited to one ounce.
-- If more fat grams than protein grams, a serving is just half an ounce.

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