Help me stick to it this time

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Default Help me stick to it this time

I really need some help and advice. First off I am 45 years old, 5'4" and 173 pounds. I was always a size 5 until leaving the Army in 1994 and becoming a medical transcriptionist, which is a completely sedentary job. I have jumped on the weight loss/exercise wagon a million times and have given up shortly after starting. Currently I am trying once again and desperately praying I make this life change for good this time. I need to be completely honest so maybe I can get some advice on what I am doing wrong.

I have been really down the past 6 months since my ex fiance left me. I haven't eaten much at all, except a sandwich here or a bowl of cereal there. I would think not eating much at all, I would have lost a ton of weight, but not even a pound. I do drink coffee all day long with cream and a teaspoon of sugar per cup... (I know it's bad, but when I try to quit coffee cold turkey, I get a horrible migraine).

For 1 week now, I have been going to the park each morning and walking 1 mile briskly, still eating that little bit, i.e. ramen noodles, bowl of cereal or a sandwich around 7 p.m.

I am desperate to change my life, eating habits, my body image, and feel better about myself for myself, I just really need some guidance. I have found this past week of walking has made my emotional state better and my outlook has brightened, now to tackle the food issue and coffee issue. I just don't know what to do or how to start really. I have my military background so I do know how to exercise, it's the lack of motivation or seeing the scale even move down 1 number to keep me going. Any advice would be welcomed. I am so thankful for the opportunity to reach out to others who understand and can help me take this step in the right direction. Sorry for rambling.

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Hey Mindy,

Good on you for getting yourself in motion - that can do wonders for your frame of mind! You should definitely join us in the weekly motivational thread that we have here in the same forum section. It's just a bunch of people in the same boat as you, trying to help each other along through the difficult times and cheer each other on during the successes.

I think the best way to start these things is to pick just one thing to change, until you can handle that change, then pick another. For you this week, that was walking, and that's a darn good change to make. Maybe once that's become habit, you can start something else, like a goal to eating more fruits and vegetables. Or maybe just drinking more water. Small changes are good. And as you make the healthy decisions, hopefully that will help with your depression a little bit, and you'll feel more like making healthy decisions - a good cycle!

Good luck, and we're here if you need some encouragement.
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I know exactly how you feel. I am in the same boat, almost same height but with a lot more to lose. My daughter turns two in April and I can still fit into my maternity clothes. I used to exercise all the time. I was a four throughout college but now... I'm always tired, with no motivation. I try to make healthy eating choices but I've never followed through. I feel so bad about myself. I want drastic change. I heard a quote from a movie- nothing changes unless you change it. It's so true, I just have to focus and stop allowing obstacles to derail my progress. I can see the finish line, but I can't expect miracles and overnight progress. I also have to stop letting others dictate what size I should be and how much I should weigh, and learn to say I'm doing it for me, too. Anyways, good luck...
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Your stats sound similiar to mine when I started in Dec 2011. Girl, you GOT THIS! I'm within a couple pounds of my goal, and the changes I've made to my diet and way of looking at my life are now just a part of me. I've battled my weight since putting on the college 15+ and at 43 years old, realized that enough was enough.

I'm definitely here for you. If you go into the thread who's got 10-15 pounds to goal, you will see I post in there alot, so you will see that I've struggled along the way, and made some strides at other times too.

Its not always easy. But chip away. Little things, little changes. substitute small things in your meals, like replace your mashed potatoes with brown rice. And measure it. replace cream with almond milk in your coffee. No more soda, or drop it down to 2 cans a week but diet. Instead of chips and salsa, how about cucumbers or cut up peppers and salsa (your body craves the crunch not the chip!!) replace the mayo in your tuna fish with salsa instead. Want pizza? Eat a slice, but fill up on salad with it. LIttle things will reduce your daily caloric intake by 200-300 calories a day. Add a couple days a week of workouts and you'll drop a pound every week or two.

Good luck. You can do this. Never stop swimming!
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